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(NAR) VOL. 16 NO. 1 / JANUARY - MARCH 2005

[ PPA ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 01-2005, February 14, 2005 ]


In reference to PPA Administrative Order No.02-89 entitled "Cargo Handling Rate for Dangerous/Obnoxious Cargoes", it is hereby clarified that dangerous cargo with multiple hazards/risks (i.e. principal risk plus subsidiary risk/s) shall be charged on the basis of its principal risk. For this purpose, the following are hereby issued for the guidance of and compliance by all concerned:

    1. In instances where the container or package of the dangerous cargo bears multiple dangerous cargo labels, indicating that the cargo possesses multiple hazards/classifications, only the principal risk shall be considered in the computation of the premium.

      1.1 In accordance with international standards, dangerous cargo label or placard is diamond shaped, with symbol of the property on top and the United Nation (UN) code number at the bottom. It is placed on all sides of the container van or package. The principal risk and the subsidiary risk/s are distinguished through the labels/placards. The principal risk is represented by a label/placard with property symbol and UN number on it; while the subsidiary risks' labels/placards have symbols but without the UN code numbers.

      1.2 As an example, BROMINE CHLORIDE, as per the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code, is Class 2.3 dangerous cargo which is POISONOUS GAS (principal risk). It has subsidiary risks or other properties that of being CORROSIVE (Class 8) and OXIDIZING SUBSTANCE (Class 5.1). Labeling or placarding of this particular cargo must be such that one label/placard must bear the symbol of POISONOUS GAS on top and the number 2.3 at the bottom, symbolizing the principal risk. The other two labels/placards must bear the respective symbols of the CORROSIVE and OXIDIZING SUBSTANCE but no numbers must appear at the bottom, symbolizing the subsidiary risks.

    2. Should there be inconsistency on the declaration in the shipping manifest with that of the labels/placards pasted on the container/package, the labels/placards shall be considered.

    3. Any cargo declared or classified as regular cargo at the port of origin and/or in its shipping manifest shall be subject to premium in accordance with PPA AO No.02-89 when said cargo is in the PPA list of dangerous cargoes or its container or packaging physically contains a dangerous cargo label or multiple labels.

    4. Any problem that may arise in the classification of dangerous cargoes with multiple hazards shall be brought to the attention of the Port Manager of the PMO concerned through the Safety Staff.

This shall take effect fifteen (15) days after its publication in a newspaper of general circulation.

Adopted: 14 Feb. 2005

General Manager

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