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[ PPC ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 97-02, June 26, 1997 ]


An Unaddressed Mail Service (UAMS) shall be implemented effective July 1, 1997, to cater to the needs of customers, particularly business enterprises, who want to send information to target groups of customers, advertise their products or services, or encourage sales in specific areas of the country whether residential or commercial. Unaddressed mail items may be in the form of brochures, flyers, sales letters, cards, catalogues, or product samples. They may include public notices, research and survey questionnaires, and may contain business reply envelopes or cards.

1.         TARGET MARKETS — The following shall be the target users of the Unaddressed Advertising Mail Service:
>     Direct Mail Companies
>     Service Companies
>     Mail Order Companies
>     Advertising Agencies
>     Government Entities
2.         SCOPE OF THE SERVICE — Initially, the UAMS shall be available only in the Metro Manila area but shall be expanded later on to include selected major cities and towns nationwide. It shall also be available to other ASEAN-member countries on a bilateral arrangement.

> Maximum Weight
50 grams
> Maximum Size
229 mm by 324 mm
> Maximum Thickness
1 cm
> Maximum Paper
Quality -
100 gsm.

4.         POSTAGE RATES — The following postage rates shall be charged on Unaddressed Advertising Mail items:
>     Off-peak period (March - October)
       P2.50 per piece

>     Peak Period (December - February)
       P3.00 per piece

5.1       The total number of pieces per mailing shall not be less than 3,000 pieces.

5.2       UAM shall be pre-sorted according to target area of distribution, securely tied or wrapped in bundles of 50 or 100 pieces. If the volume warrants, the items may be bagged separately according to area of distribution and appropriately labelled.  Each separate bag shall not exceed 20 kilos in weight.

5.3       Every mailing shall be accompanied by a statement of mailing in quadruplicate copies containing the following information:
>     Name and address of sender
>     Nature of items to be mailed
>     Quantity
>     Weight per piece
>     Total amount of postage
>     Target area of distribution
Copies of the statement of mailing shall be distributed as follows:
>     Original - Office file
>     Duplicate - Sender
>     Triplicate - Office of Destination
>     Quadruplicate -Marketing and Business
Development Service
5.4       A sample of the mail items shall be submitted together with the statement of mailing to the postmaster at the office of mailing together with the statement of mailing.

5.5       Upon receipt of the statement of mailing, the receiving clerk shall, in the presence of a supervisory official, check the items against the corresponding entries in the statement of mailing and compute the amount of postage to be collected.

5.6       Before accepting the items for mailing the postage charges shall be collected in cash or manager’s check and an official receipt (13-A) shall be issued for the amount paid.


6.1       Mails intended for delivery in post offices other than the post office of mailing shall be securely bundled with a facing slip containing the words “UNADDRESSED ADVERTISING MAIL”, and showing the specific target area for their distribution.

6.2       Should the volume warrant, separate bags clearly labelled “UAMS” shall be prepared.

6.3       The number of bundles or bags containing UAM shall be indicated in the corresponding waybill.


7.1       Upon receipt at the office of delivery, the number of bundles or bags containing UAM shall be checked against the corresponding waybill.

7.2       The postmaster shall maintain a distribution list containing the name of each postman and the corresponding number of pieces taken out by him for delivery.

7.3       There are no restrictions in the delivery of UAM items but in all cases, the sender’s instructions as to the target area for distribution, shall be followed.

8.         SERVICE COMMITMENT — The distribution of UAM shall be completed within 10 days from the date of mailing.

9.         DISTRIBUTION COMPLETION REPORT — Upon completion of the distribution, the postmaster shall accomplish the Distribution Completion Report portion of the Statement of Mailing and send to the mailer.

10.       EFFECTIVITY — The Unaddressed Advertising Mail Service shall be implemented effective 1 July 1997.

11.       MONITORING — Regional Managers, Postmasters and other supervisory officials shall see to it that all employees concerned are properly briefed on the mechanics of this service. Requests for further clarification regarding the implementing guidelines shall be addressed to:
The Manager
Product Research and Development Department
Marketing and Business Development Service
Philippine Postal Corporation
1000 Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila
Tel. No. 527-0043 FAX No. 527-0082
The implementation of this new service shall be closely monitored and any problems encountered shall be reported by the fastest available means to the Office of the Assistant Postmaster General for Operations and Marketing.

Adopted: 26 June 1997

Postmaster General
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