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(NAR) VOL. 14 NOS. 1-2 / APRIL - JUNE 2003

[ PPA MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 09-2003, March 28, 2003 ]


Pursuant to the provision of Section 26, Article VII of Presidential Decree No. 857 (as amended) otherwise known as the "Revised Charter of the Philippine Ports Authority", promulgated on December 23, 1975, as well as in line with the provisions of Sections 67 and 84 of PPA Administrative Order No. 13-77 otherwise known as the "General Port Regulations of the Philippine Ports Authority", promulgated on September 2, 1977, the following guidelines to secure operational areas at the ports and prevent the entry of new or additional informal settlers in PPA ports are hereby prescribed for the guidance and/or compliance by all Port Districts Offices, Port Management Offices, and others concerned, to wit:


1.1 To determine the accurate listing/inventory of existing informal settlers occupying areas within the port zone limits 

1.2 To secure operational areas and prevent the entry of new or additional informal settlers in PPA ports.


All port areas within the jurisdiction of Philippine Ports Authority.


3.1 Informal Settlers — that segment of society who lives within the port zone limits and in PPA relocation sites and who normally derive their livelihood from the various commercial activities in the port. 

3.2 Port Community Welfare Programs/Projects (PCWPP) — this refers to a set or sets of activities which aim to improve the living condition of the marginalized sector of society, particularly those living within the port communities. ex: Poverty alleviation, the conduct of practical skills and livelihood training eg: Carpentry, Baking, Dressmaking, Reflexology, Welding etc., medical, health and sanitation services, Responsible Parenthood and Values Formation and others PCWPPs which shall provide better livelihood opportunities within the port community with particular emphasis to women and out of school youth. 

3.3 Port Zone Limits — this refers to the territorial jurisdiction under the control, supervision or ownership of the Authority.


The Port District Offices (PDOs) and the Port Management Offices (PMOs) shall be directly responsible in policing the areas within their port jurisdiction and shall ensure that said areas are free from informal settlers. 

4.1 PDOs/PMOs shall immediately conduct an actual survey of areas within the port zone presently occupied by informal settlers. A survey report shall be submitted to the Office of the General Manager within sixty (60) days from issuance hereof. The survey report shall include, among others, the following:

4.1.1 Technical description, measurement and size of the area. 

4.1.2 Total number of informal settlers and a brief historical background of their occupancy of subject area. 

4.1.3 Port development to be introduced by PPA on said area and status of its implementation.

4.2 Inventory, Profile Survey and Training Needs Analysis

4.2.1 PDOs/PMOs shall immediately conduct an accurate inventory, profile survey and training needs analysis (TNA) of existing informal settlers occupying areas within the port zone limits. 

4.2.2 To save on time, efforts and costs and to avoid work duplication in the conduct of inventory, profile surveys and TNAs, the Port Management and Port District Offices, and other offices concerned shall share results and updates of earlier inventories surveys, TNAs with the PCWPP, NPAC. 

4.2.3 All PMOs shall within thirty (30) days from issuance hereof, submit to the PPA Head Office, Attn: The Manager, Strategic Planning Department thru their respective PDOs, a comprehensive program/plan of actions, including the timetable in addressing the issues regarding existing Informal Settler Families (ISF) and the possible reduction in their numbers and/or relocation.

4.3 Protection of Ports Against the Entry of New or Additional Informal Settlers 

In order not to dissipate available resources which could be used to alleviate and improve the living conditions of existing informal settlers within the port communities the following must be strictly implemented.

4.3.1 The entry of new or additional informal settlers should be prevented. 

4.3.2 The number of existing informal settlers should be reduced, if not totally relocated. 

4.3.3 All areas within the port zone limits whether vacant or occupied should be properly secured, fenced and guarded to prevent the entry of new or additional informal settlers. 

4.3.4 Unlicensed vendors, peddlers, hawkers and other unauthorized persons should not be allowed entry or to display/peddle their goods and wares within the port zone limits. 

4.3.5 PMOs and PDOs shall fully implement the fencing of the port zone under their jurisdiction within six (6) months from effectivity date of this Circular.


This Memorandum Circular takes effect immediately and shall remain in force unless otherwise revoked or amended.

For strict compliance.

Adopted: 28 March 2003

  General Manager

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