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(NAR) VOL. 14 NOS. 1-2 / APRIL - JUNE 2003

[ PPA MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 10-2003, March 29, 2003 ]


To comply with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Resolution A-924 (22), calling for the strengthening of maritime and port security, all private port owners/operators are hereby advised to conduct and submit comprehensive security surveys/plans of your respective ports and terminal offices. It is also advised that Port Facility Security Officer, be designated the duties and responsibilities of whom herein defined, all in accordance with the IMO security standards.

In the conduct of security survey, the following guidelines among others, shall be considered:

1. Preliminary Assessment 

1.1 Before commencing the security survey, port facility security assessment must be undertaken. Important assets, facilities and infrastructures of the port must be identified. 

1.2 The assessment must identify the actual threats to these critical facilities and infrastructures in order to prioritize security measures; 

1.3 The assessment must address vulnerability of the port facility by identifying its weaknesses in physical security, structural integrity, protection systems, procedural policies and communication systems within the port facility that may be a potential target of terrorism and lawlessness.

2. On-Scene Security Survey

Methods and procedures used to control access into the port/terminal and designated restricted areas should be examined and evaluated including: 

2.1 Inspection, control and monitoring of persons and carry on articles; 

2.2 Inspection, control and monitoring of cargoes, equipment and baggage; 

2.3 Safeguarding of cargoes, equipment and baggage held in storage within the port/terminal.

2.3.1 Each identified point of access to the port/terminal and restricted area/s should be examined and evaluated for its potential use by individuals who might be engaged in unlawful acts; 

2.3.2 Existing security measures under both normal and emergency conditions should be examined and evaluated including: Established safety procedures; Deployment of security personnel to strategic posts/locations; Restrictions or limitations on vehicles access to the port/terminal and restricted area/s; The frequency and effectiveness of patrol by police/security personnel; The level of supervision of personnel; The security lock/key control system; Security communication, systems and procedures; Security barriers; Security lighting.

Copy of the report of the conduct of surveys including the Port Security Plan should be submitted to the Office, PPA Assistant General Manager for Operations not later than 01 May 2003.

The duties and responsibilities of the designated/appointed Port Facility Security Officer shall include the following: 

a. Conducting an initial comprehensive security survey of the port facility taking into account the relevant port facility security assessment in order to prepare a port facility security plan; 

b. Formulating and implementing the port facility security plan; 

c. Undertaking regular security inspections of the port facility to ensure the continuation of appropriate security measures; 

d. Recommending and incorporating, as appropriate, modification to the port security plan in order to correct deficiencies and to update the plan to take into account relevant changes to the port facility; e. Enhancing security awareness and vigilance; 

f. Ensuring adequate training for personnel responsible for security of the port facility; 

g. Reporting to the port authority and other relevant authorities and maintaining records of occurrences which threaten the security of the port facility; and 

h. Coordinating implementation of the port facility security plan with appropriate company and ship security officers.

Failure to respond to this security requirement may cause the cancellation of the Certificate of Registration issued by the Port Authority.

Attached are the suggested formats*  to be used in the conduct of security survey as well as in the preparation of the security plan.

Adopted: 29 March 2003

  General Manager
  Philippine Ports Authority

* Text Available at Office of the National Administrative Register, U.P. Law Complex, Diliman, Quezon City

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