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(NAR) VOL. 15 NOS. 1-2 / APRIL - JUNE 2004

[ LTO MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 520-2004, June 22, 2004 ]


Pursuant to the provisions of Republic Act No. 4136, otherwise known as Land Transportation and Traffic Code, as amended, and in line with existing rules and regulations, the following guidelines on the above-subject are hereby promulgated.


The influx Tourists to our country, courtesy of the aggressive promotional campaign of the Department of Tourism through its "WOW Philippines Program", accounts for the immeasurable goodwill for the Filipino people and revenue for the government and to the business sector catering to tourists and foreign visitors.

It is in this light that tourists, who are perceived as rich and big spenders, should be accorded due respect from law enforcement authorities as well as utmost security and protection from kidnappers, terrorists and other criminal elements.  Accordingly, it is imperative as part of LTO's concern for the safety of tourists and comfort during their land travel to change the design format of the license plates of tourist-oriented Public Utility Vehicle (PUV) so as to differentiate these units from the easily identifiable for-hire vehicles.

Hence, the need for the adoption of the measure set forth in this memorandum circular as requested by tourist-oriented PUV operators and in coordination with the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB).


In line with Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) Memorandum Circular No. 2004-011 dated 26 May 2004, the motor vehicles falling under the following reclassified services shall be covered by this Memorandum Circular:

1. Tourist Coupon Transport Service

Tourist Coupon Transport Service shall refer to four-door sedan vehicles, vans (such as Mitsubishi L-300, Nissan Urvan, Toyota Hi-Ace, Hyundai Starex, Kia Besta, Kia Pregio, MB 100 or their equivalent), and Asian Utility Vehicles (AUV) plying the international and/or domestic airports, seaports and hotels. Backseats of AUVs with liftbacks shall be removed.  They shall have body markings and no top light shall be installed.

2. Tourist Chartered Transport Service

Tourist Chartered Transport Service shall refer to coasters, vans (such as, but not limited to, Mitsubishi L-300, Nissan Urvan, Toyota Hi-Ace, Hyundai Starex, Kia Besta, Kia Pregio, MB 100 or their equivalent), air-conditioned jeepneys (with at least 12 passengers), mini-buses and buses. Services must be covered by a Contract of Service. Vehicles must have body markings (trade name, plate number and LTFRB case number).

3. Tourist Rent-a-Car Transport Service

Tourist Rent-a-Car Transport Service refers to luxury vehicles, pick-up. limousines, Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) and vans with plush carpeting, luxurious upholstery, Audio/Video amenities and with engine displacement of not less than 2000 cc and has a wheel base of a minimum of 2670 mm. These vehicles must have no body markings.


The design format shall have all the characteristics of the regular Rizal Monument full color graphic plates with the inclusion of predominantly yellow color to determine under the category of for-hire motor vehicles with reflective full color graphic license plates, embossed black alpha-numeric, black "Matatag na Republika", block border and space for plate year tags.  A stripe of white LTO markings will form part of the security features.

1. Sample of Design Format*

a.      For newly registered motor vehicle.
b.      For previously registered motor vehicle.
          (with the inclusion of a letter "D" [duplicate] after the numeric)

2. Specifications

140mm x 390mm reflective with visible multiple LTO acronym security water marks at the bottom of the space with YELLOW color.

All Orders/Circulars/Memoranda issued in conflict herewith are deemed superseded.

This Memorandum Circular shall take effect immediately after filing of copies thereof with the University of the Philippines (UP) Law Center.

For guidance and compliance.

Adopted: 22 June 2004

Assistant Secretary

* Sample of Design Format Available at ONAR.
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