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(NAR) VOL. 5 NO. 2/APRIL-JUNE 1994

[ CSC MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR 15, s. 1994, April 14, 1994 ]


The Civil Service Commission as the central personnel agency of government, continuously strives to simplify existing procedures towards a more cost-effective and efficient delivery of mandated functions.

As the sole repository of government personnel records, the Commission embarked on a project which aims to computerize the service records of all government personnel. Every personnel transaction which passes through the Commission shall be entered into our data bank to facilitate personnel records management.

In view of this, and with the recent conduct of the inventory of government personnel, we are revising MC 33, s. 1992 which required agencies to submit the following reports:

1.         Semi-annual Report on Personnel — CSC Stat Form 1 and 1a;

2.         Monthly Report on Accession — CSC Stat Form 2; and

3.         Monthly Report on Separation — CSC Stat Form 3.

Starting January 1994, only the Monthly Report on Separation - CSC Stat form 3 (attached) shall be submitted to the Civil Service Commission thru our respective regional offices where your agency appointments are submitted for attestation.

The deadline for submission shall be five (5) days after the end of each month. Separation reports for the months of January, February and March 1994 which were not yet submitted shall be due on May 15, 1994.

The agency Administrative Officer shall also submit to the Commission a semi-annual list of vacant positions within thirty (30) days after the end of June and December.

Please be reminded that failure to submit these reports may subject the agency Personnel Officers to charges for neglect of duty as provided under item 1(h) of the General Guidelines in the preparation and submission of appointments (MC 38, s. 1993).

This Circular supercedes MC 33, s. 1992.

For compliance.

Adopted: 14 Apr. 1994

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