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(NAR) VOL. 6 NO. 1 / JANUARY - MARCH 1995



Pursuant to Sec. 5 (f) of Republic Act 7392 (Midwifery Act of 1992) and Sec. 6 (a) of P.D. 223, as amended, the Board of Midwifery hereby promulgated the herein resolution prescribing and adopting a New Continuing Professional Education Program for Registered Midwives which reads as follows:


1.1 Definition - Continuing Professional Education (CPE) is the sum total of all teaching and learning activities of registered graduate midwives beyond their basic preparation; this refers to the assimilation, inculcation, and adoption of knowledge, attitude, skills, and practices which enhance their professional technical competence and moral fitness.

Organization and Administration

2.1 The Board of Midwifery shall create a body to be called Committee on Continuing Professional Education for Midwives (CCPEM) to administer the program.

The committee shall be composed of a Chairman and six (6) members. The Chairman, therefore, shall be the Chairman/Member of the Board of Midwifery: he/she shall be chosen by the Board. The six (6) members are the representatives of the hereunder associations, agencies and groups who shall be appointed by the Board.

A. Integrated Midwives Association of the Philippines, Inc. (IMAP)

B. Association of Philippine School of Midwifery, Inc. (APSOM)

c. Department of Health (DOH)

d. Private Practicing Midwives

e. Midwife owners of lying-in clinic or hospitals

f. Fabella Hospital School of Midwifery

2.2 Qualifications - Each member of the CCPEM shall have the following qualifications:

  1. Registered graduate midwife with valid certificates of registration, and valid/unexpired PRC Professional Licenses.

  2. A holder of Baccalaureate Degree in any health related field

  3. A minimum of five (5) years professional practice in midwifery, and

  4. A bonafide member of a midwifery association local or national for at least three (3) years.

    In the case of IMAP and APSOM the Chairman/Head or training officer of the CPE of the agencies/association shall be the representatives.

    In the case of DOH, the representatives shall be a midwife supervising or training officer.

    In the case of private practitioners, the representative shall be endorsed by at least five (5) practicing private midwives.

    In the case of Midwife owners of lying in, clinics/hospitals, endorsed by three (3) midwives owners of lying-in clinics or hospitals.

2.3 Functions:

  1. Formulate guidelines in accordance with this resolution and for the implementation of their provisions and amend them subject to approval by the Board and the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

    The Board, subject to approval by the PRC shall have the power to render the act or guidelines of the CCPEM as invalid, nugatory or unenforceable for any reason or cause that the Board may point out or raise under the premises or circumstances.

  2. Evaluate and accredit CPE Programs submitted by professional and/or sponsoring agencies/institutions.

  3. Maintain records of accredited and offered CPE Programs for midwives and the list of participants therein.

  4. Monitor periodically its program or activities of implementation.

    The CCPEM shall have a personality that is distinct and separate form, and independent of, IMAP Inc., APSOM, DOH and other entities and shall be directly under the supervision of the Board of Midwifery.

    In the accreditation and approval of seminars, conferences, trainings, etc., sponsored or undertaken by the IMAP, APSOM, DOH, or any of the schools offering the midwifery course, hospitals, clinics, company or governmental agency in the issuance of CPE earned units certificates to registered midwives. In the implementation of this resolution and the guidelines of the CCPEM, the Board of Midwifery shall designate one of the members, sectors associations, or organizations to provide its staff support thereto. The fees to be charged and collected by the CCPEM shall be kept by the said designated association/organization in a separate, special fund which shall be spent by the CCPEM to meet the expenditures and costs of implementing this resolution and the guidelines of CCPEM.

    The CCPEM shall authorize charging fees collectible by the sponsoring organization from the participants or attendants of the seminars, etc. which are reasonable and affordable.

2.4 Term of Office - Term of Office of each member of the accreditation committee is three (3) years which may be renewed only once. However, the first accreditation committee to be created shall hold office as follows:

2 Members - 3 years
2 Members - 2 years
2 Members - 1 year

After the initial appointment, all subsequent members shall serve for a term of three (3) years.

2.5 Meeting

  1. Regular - Bimonthly. Every 4th Friday of the month or other such time as may be agreed by the Committee.

  2. Special - to be called by the chairman upon written request by at least four (4) members of the committee.

Accredited Programs/Activities

1. Programs and activities that may be credited for CPE are the following:

  1. skills training, advanced courses, scientific lectures during convention, seminars, conferences and workshops conducted at local, national, or international level.

  2. Courses beyond the basic midwifery course (Diploma of graduate midwife) related to midwifery and other health related activity.

  3. Active participation in the conduct of CPE programs as speaker, resource person or facilitator.

  4. Participation in research and publication activities.

  5. Undergraduate level courses or degree programs which are acceptable only when they can contribute to improving competency in professional practice subject to the approval of CCPEM upon submission of course syllabus.

2. Sponsoring agencies of the above programs/activities may be the government and non-government agencies, accredited professional association, educational institutions, professional firms, interest groups and other related professional organizations.

3. Program coordinator shall possess the following qualifications:

  1. Registered midwife in the Philippines and a holder of a valid certificate of registration and a valid PRC Professional license.

  2. Shall be at least a bachelor's degree holder in health related course.

  3. At least three (3) years practice of the profession.


1. Formal course (Post Midwifery Course)

1 semestral unit - 15 units

2. Non-formal course (i.e. training program/seminar/workshop/convention/congress/lectures/assemblies)

  1. Participant (per one (1) contact hour)

    local - 1 credit unit
    regional - 1.5 credit units
    national - 2.0 credit units
    international - 3.0 credit units

  2. Facilitator (per one (1) contact hour)

    local - 2 credit units
    regional - 3 credit units
    national - 4 credit units
    international - 5 credit units

  3. Speaker/Resource Person

    local - 3 credit units
    regional - 5 credit units
    national - 8 credit units
    international - 10 credit units

  4. Program Coordinator

    local - 3 credit units
    regional - 5 credit units
    national - 8 credit units
    international - 10 credit units

    * Contact hour - refers to the actual conduct of the program excluding registration, breaks and meals.


    - Certificate of participation or attendance
    - Copy of the program

3. Research and Creative Activities

3.1 Research

  1. Single/principal/investigator - 20 credit units/research project

  2. Co-investigator - 10 credit units/research project

3.2 Creative Activity

  1. single authorship - 15 credit units

  2. co-author - 10 credit units


    -copy of the letter from researcher
    -copy of the researcher abstract
    -copy of the article written

4. Innovative projects/programs (income generating project/adult education - 10 credit units/projects.

5. Active Participation in Midwifery Organization -

  1. Officer: (per year)

    Local - 6 credit units
    Regional - 8 credit units
    National - 10 credit units
    International - 13 credit units

  2. Member

    Membership (regardless of level - 3 credit units/year


    - submit copy of membership card or official receipt number of membership fee

6. Accredited Learning Modules

Credit Requirements

Professional midwives seeking renewal of their professional licenses as registered midwives shall present evidences of having completed CPE equivalent to forty five (45) credit units for three (3) years from the date of at last registration or renewal thereof.

Certificate of Completion

CPE Program for midwives employed in government and non-government office or private institution and agencies shall be reviewed and accredited by the CCPEM. Those who have complied with the required CPE units shall be issued a certificate of completion duly signed by the Chairman. The certificate together with other requirements shall be submitted to the PRC, Registration Division as pre-requisite for renewal of the PRC professional license.


1. Registered midwives who have reached the age of sixty (60)

2. Temporary exemptions shall be granted under any of the following conditions:

  1. prolonged illness or disability (upon presentation of valid medical certificate), and

  2. midwives working abroad (upon presentation of passport with visa/certificate of employment).

Special Considerations

In the event that a midwife is unable to comply with CPE units requirements for renewal of license, she will be allowed to renew the license provided that she makes a promissory note certifying that she will comply with the required forty five (45) credit units within one (1) year period. In addition, the certificate of the CPE activities attended must be submitted to the CCPEM for proper recording.


Procedure for Accreditation and Monitoring or Continuing Professional Education Credit shall be formulated by the Committee.

Replacement of Board Resolution 665 Series of 1985

The herein resolution shall supersede Board Resolution No. 665, series of 1985, which was promulgated under R.A. 2644, the old act regulating the practice of midwifery in the Philippines.


The herein resolution shall, upon approval hereof by the Commission, be effective after fifteen (15) days following its publication in the Official Gazette or any newspaper of general circulation, whichever is earlier.

These guidelines shall take effect immediately upon approval.

Adopted: 6 Feb. 1995



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