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(NAR) VOL. 5 NO. 2/APRIL-JUNE 1994

[ LTFRB MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 94-007, June 09, 1994 ]


It has been noted that, despite numerous news reports of vehicular accidents involving public land transportation services, operators do not render the corresponding accident reports thereon to the Board, as required under Sec. 14, Revised Order No. 1 (Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Public Service Act), the pertinent provision of which states:

“Sec. 14.       Accident Report — Each operator shall keep a record, in chronological order of all accidents that may occur in connection with his operation, their nature, causes and consequences, and the measures taken to avoid their recurrence. A detailed report of all accidents must be submitted to the Commission (now LTFRB) on or before the tenth of each month. Accidents which result in death or physical injuries shall be reported to the Commission (now LTFRB) within 24 hours from their occurrence.”

In view hereof, all operators of public land transportation services, within the jurisdiction of this Board, are hereby directed to observe strictly and comply faithfully with the said provisions on accident reports.

Violations hereof shall be subject to the following penalties to be imposed by the Board on the erring operator to wit:

1.    First Offense — P3,000.00
2.    Second Offense — P5,000.00
3.    Third Offense — P10,000.00
4.    Fourth Offense — Suspension of the CPC for sixty (60) days; and
5.    Fifth Offense — Revocation/Cancellation of the CPC.

This Memorandum Circular shall take effect fifteen (15) days after the filing of three (3) copies hereof with the U.P. Law Center, in accordance with Presidential Memorandum Circular No. 11, dated October 9, 1992, and any or all issuances inconsistent herewith are hereby modified accordingly, superseded and/or revoked.

Adopted: 9 June 1994

Board Member
Board Member
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