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(NAR) VOL. 5 NO. 2/APRIL-JUNE 1994

[ POEA MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 40, s. 1994, June 06, 1994 ]


Pursuant to Department order No. 17 and 17-A, series of 1994, the following implementing guidelines for the deployment of trainees to Korea under the fourth category of Korea's Alien Industrial Technology Training Program are hereby promulgated.

Special Task Force for South Korea

In view of the peculiar mechanics in the recruitment for this fourth category of trainees, a special task force to be based at the POEA Facilitation and Review Office (FARO) shall handle the documentary processing for the Korea training program.

Issuance a Certificate of Participation

In lieu of the accreditation certificate, the POEA shall issue a Certificate of Participation to the participating agencies upon submission by the participating agencies of the following:

a.  letter from the KFSB to the participating agency concerned, officially notifying the latter of its selection by the former to supply trainees to Korea.

b.  Basic Contract for the Recommendation of Trainees signed by the KFSB and the participating agency, duly authenticated and verified by the Philippine Embassy and the Office of the Labor Attache in Seoul.

c.  Individual Basic Contract for the Recommendation of Trainees signed by the KFSB and the participating agency, duly authenticated and verified.

d.  Model Cooperation Contract between the Training company and the participating agency.

e.  Model Cooperation Contract between the training company and the trainee, duly authenticated and verified.

f.   KFSB Computerized Summary of Total Number of Training Companies assigned to the participating agency (broken down by industrial classification) and the Total Number of Needed Trainees (broken down by industrial classification, gender and age bracket), duly verified by the Office of the Labor Attache, and

g.  KFSB Computerized List of Individual Training Companies to be assigned to the participating Agency and the exact number of trainees needed by each training company (by sex and age bracket), duly verified by the office of the Labor Attache.

Processing of Documents

The Participating Agencies shall submit the following documents to the FARO for issuance of the Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC):

  1. Request for Processing
  2. Info Sheet/OWWA ID Sheet
  3. Notice of Training (NOT)
  4. Certificate of Confirmation of Visa Issuance from the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Korea.

Advertisement and Provincial Recruitment

Approval for advertisement and provincial recruitment by the Participating Agencies for trainee requirements shall be issued by the Employment Regulation Branch upon submission by the participating agency of the following:

  1. letter request for advertisement/provincial recruitment
  2. layout of advertisement

Medical Examination

Medical examination of trainees for South Korea shall be conducted only after the participating agency has pre-qualified the trainee for the position duly covered by the approved trainee request from the KFSB (refer to 2g above).

Cooperation Agreements with other Licensed Agencies

a.  To facilitate mobilization of trainee-applicants, the Participating Agencies may enter into Cooperation Agreements with any of the prequalified agencies endorsed by POEA/DOLE to the KFSB.

b.  The extent of cooperation between the participating and cooperating agencies shall be limited to manpower sourcing and pre-qualification of trainees only.

c.  Any fee charged by the cooperating agency from the participating agency shall already be covered by the mobilization/enrollment fee prescribed for the program.

d.  The cooperating agency shall not collect any free from the applicant.

e.  The POEA shall issue a Certificate of Cooperation, stating the relationship of the participating agency and the cooperating agency.

Joint and Solidary Liability

The participating agency shall be held jointly and severally liable with the South Korean training company for any valid claims that may arise in connection with the trainees' recruitment and/or implementation of the training contract.

Cooperation with other Government/Non-government Organizations

The Participating Agencies may also avail of the manpower banks of the Public Employment Service Offices (PESOs) and the Local Government Units LGUs).

The Participating Agencies shall likewise tap recognized non-government organizations, like the Ayala Foundation, for territorial/sectoral sourcing of trainee-applicants and for the re-integration program.

Guidelines for Pre-departure Orientation and Language Training

Only entities authorized by POEA shall conduct the expanded pre-departure orientation and language training.

In view of the particular requirements by the Korean Federation of Small Business (KFSB) for a comprehensive pre-departure education for trainees, an expanded PDOS module developed by an inter-agency technical committee shall be adopted for this program.

A.  Course Outline - The training course will consist of the following:

1.  A total of 12 hours of language training spread over 2 hours per day

2.  A total of 6 hours lecture on the realities of on-the-job training consisting of

  1. country profile
  2. coping mechanisms
  3. do's and dont's
  4. KFSB orientation (contract, labor laws, etc.)

3.  A total of 6 hours lecture on the general PDOS curriculum such as:

  1. Government/Non-Government Organization services
  2. Values Clarification/Redirection
  3. Code of Discipline/Role of Trainees
  4. Reintegration Program
  5. Travel Tips and Airport Procedures
  6. AIDS education
  7. Remittance

B.  Costs of PDOS, Handouts and Survival Kit - The cost of orientation and training shall be set at P1,000 to be paid directly by the trainee to the entity authorized to conduct the PDOS.

C.   Authorized PDOS Venues and Trainors - Venues for PDOS shall be approved upon compliance with inspection rules and regulations.

Trainors, except language instructors and resource persons on Korea, who will participate in the PDOS must have attended the special trainors training program conducted by POEA. A trainors pool composed of lectures/resource persons from POEA, OWWA, NMYC, industry associations, non-government organizations and participating agencies shall be tapped for this program.

D.  Certification Recruitments - The PDOS/Training Certificate shall form part of the documentary requirements for processing of trainees. PDOS certificates of attendance shall be jointly issued by POEA and participating agency to the trainees who completed the 6-day (24-hours) continuous training course. A make-up system for topics missed will be provided for meritorious cases only. Learning exercises to gauge the language proficiency will be incorporated to test cognition levels.

Technical Support to the Special Task Force for South Korea at FARO

The Participating Agencies shall extend technical and other forms of support to the Special Task Force for Korea at FARO in the performance of its mandated tasks, functions and responsibilities.

This Memorandum Circular supersedes all previous issuances inconsistent herewith and shall take effect immediately.

Adopted: 6 June 1994

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