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(NAR) VOL. II NO. 2 / APRIL - JUNE 1991



Pursuant to DENR's mandate to manage the natural forest resources on a sustainable basis, and in accordance with the recommendations of the Philippine Master Plan for Forestry Development and the Natural Resources Management Program, the following are hereby issued for the guidance of all concerned:

1. Logging in the old growth (virgin) forests shall henceforth be prohibited starting 01 January 1992. These forests will form part of the permanent national forest estate primarily under the Integrated Protected Area System (IPAS).

2. Logging operations shall, beginning 01 January 1992 shift to the second growth (residual) forests, except on the following areas where logging shall also be prohibited; areas with slope of 50% and greater, in areas above 1000 meters elevation, within 20-meters of either side of stream bank for stream bank protection, wilderness areas, proclaimed watershed reservation, in areas identified with historical value and in other areas proclaimed for ecological and environmental protection.

3. Along this line, and to guide DENR in this policy shift Timber License Agreement (TLA) and Timber Production Sharing Agreement (TPSA) holders are required to conduct at least a five percent (5%) estimate or any statistically sound timber inventory of their second growth (residual) forests as follows:

In areas which have been logged 25 years ago or older, the results of the inventory shall be submitted to the DENR within six (6) months from date of this Order.
In areas which have been logged 1-25 years ago, the inventory results shall be submitted within one (1) year from date of this Order.

4. The operable residual forests shall be stratified or blocked in such a manner that the timber inventory is conducted in each block as follows:
4.1  25 years or older
4.2  20-25 years
4.3  15-20 years
4.4  10-15 years
4.5  5-10 years
4.6  1-5 years
5. Technical personnel of the DENR field offices where the TLA/TPSA areas are located, shall prepare the inventory sampling design and likewise undertake the timber inventory in accordance with the guidelines prescribed therefor.  The results of the timber inventory shall be the basis in determining which TLA/ TPSA holders shall be allowed to continue to operate in CY 1992 and thereafter.  These results shall also be used in the computation of the annual allowable cut (AAC).

6. The DENR Central Office/Forest Management Bureau (FMB) shall conduct random check/field validation of the timber inventory results submitted by the field offices to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the timber resources data.

7. All expenses incidental to the conduct of the timber inventory shall be borne by the TLA/TPSA holders.  The needed amount shall be deposited under trust with the Cashier of the concerned DENR Field Office and shall be disbursed in accordance with existing government accounting and auditing regulations.

8. TLA/RPSA holders who fail to submit the results of the timber inventory as prescribed in provision No. 3 hereof, shall be deemed to have forfeited their rights to continue logging operations.

9. Three (3) certified true copies of this Order shall be furnished the UP Law Center for publication in the National Administrative Register in consonance with the Administrative Code of 1987.

10. This Order shall take effect immediately.

Adopted: 3 May 1991

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