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(NAR) VOL. 10 NO. 3 / JULY - SEPTEMBER 1999

[ DENR MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 99-24, June 11, 1999 ]


In line with the policy of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to effectively promote the protection, conservation and management of the country's forest resources and to provide a mechanism to properly and effectively monitor the transport of timber and timber products in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) and in consideration of the appeals of the DENR-ARMM concerning the transport of timber and timber products, the following procedural guidelines are hereby instituted:

1. The ARMM shall submit an advice of shipment using official DENR-ARMM radio communications (fax machine or through courier using sealed official envelope) to the concerned DENR Regional Offices five (5) working days prior to the expected transport of timber and timber products to include the following information:
A. Name of Licensee/Permittee and their corresponding License/Permit Number

B. Transport route and exact destination/consignee

C. Source/specific origin (exact location: barangay, municipality and province)

D. Volume, Number of pieces and species

E. Copy of CTO (Certificate of Timber Origin)/CLO (Certificate of Lumber Origin) auxiliary invoice, commercial invoice or official receipt, Certificate of Transport Agreement (CTA) and Approved Logs and Lumber Supply Contract (LSC) between the shipper and the consignee
2. Type/Description of Conveyance and its corresponding plate/vessel number shall clearly be typed on the CTO accompanying each hauling.

3. In coordination with ARMM, DENR Regions 9, 10, 11 and 12, shall establish their respective Joint Monitor Teams to include representatives from the DENR, DENR-ARMM, LGUs, NGOs, media and other interested groups/stakeholders. Said monitoring teams shall strictly monitor the transport of timber and other timber products from ARMM to respective Administrative regions.

4. DENR Regions 9, 10, 11 & 12 shall establish checkpoints in coordination with ARMM at all exit points along the routes agreed upon by the DENR and DENR-ARMM.

Said checkpoints shall be manned by DENR and DENR-ARMM representatives, together with the representatives from the Joint Monitoring Team.

5. All timber or timber products to be transported shall be color coded at the end of each log as follows:
A. TIPI Green
6. That DENR-ARMM should use CTO/CLO/CMFPO Forms printed by the Central Bank with DENR-ARMM letterhead.

7. That all approved CLOs/CTOs should bear the signatures and notation of the DENR-ARMM Secretary at the upper left corner of the document as proof of authenticity of the document. Forest products shipped from ARMM accompanied with only certification issued by CENRO/PENRO and/or any of its authorized field officials without the approval or concurrence of the Regional Secretary is considered illegal and therefore, subject for confiscation and/or apprehension by DENR at the point of the destination.

8. DENR-ARMM Secretary to provide recipient regions the names of the authorized officials together with their specimen signature to include alternate signatures if the principal is out.

9. Permittees/Licensees without their own processing plant must enter into Log Supply Agreements with duly Licensed Wood Processing plants. All timber production of said Permittees/Licensees must only be delivered to the said licensed Wood Processing plant.

10. All trucks and other land conveyances used by licensees/permittees in the transport of timber and timber products shall bear billboards on both sides of the conveyance indicating the following information:
A. Name of licensee/permittee and their corresponding license/permit number;
B. Transport route and exact destination/consignee;
C. Volume, number of pieces and species;
D. Type/description of conveyance and their corresponding plate/vessel number clearly indicated on the CTO;
E. Copy of CTO/CLO and auxiliary invoice, official receipts, CTA and Approved LSC between the Shipper and the Consignee;
F. Source/specific origin (exact location; barangay, municipality and province)
11. All timber and timber products shall bear hatchet and other markings consistent with DENR existing rules and regulations.

12. Consignee/recipient region to inform/acknowledge DENR-ARMM on the arrival of the shipment indicating actual volume and species thru fax or radio messages within five (5) working days.

Lumber shipped through containerized van from ARMM should indicate the following information:
— Common Carrier
— Voyage Number and schedule of shipment
— Van Number and Volume
13. The mode of scaling shall be in accordance with DAO No. 80, Series of 1987. A five (5) percent difference in the volume, in cases of logs/timber or two (2) percent in cases of lumber may be allowed and allowed as allowable error in scaling.

14. All wood processing plants and consignees shall submit on a monthly basis their corresponding wood utilization vis-a-vis their supply contract.

15. Recipient regions shall submit to DENR-ARMM periodic reports of all transport/movement of forest products on a monthly basis for reconciliation purposes.

In addition to the foregoing guidelines, the ARMM, as agreed in the May 24, 1998 meeting in Cagayan de Oro shall submit to the DENR Secretary a copy of their logs/lumber supply contracts, issued permits and their corresponding allowable cut every year, which serve as basis in the monitoring of timber and timber products from ARMM.

Likewise, the DENR together with the ARMM shall jointly conduct ground verification of cutting areas of all licensees/permittees. They shall also endeavor in coordination with the military to develop aerial photos of ARMM watershed, particularly the cutting areas of all licensees/permittees.

Finally, no direct transport of timber and timber products shall be allowed to other DENR Administrative Regions without prior clearance from Regions 9, 10, 11 and 12. All direct transport of timber and timber products from ARMM to other DENR Administrative regions without prior clearance from Regions 9, 10, 11 and 12 shall be considered illegal and therefore subject to immediate seizure and confiscation.

This Order shall take effect immediately and shall supersede all Orders inconsistent herewith.

Adopted: 11 June 1999

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