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(NAR) VOL. 21 NO.1/ JANUARY - MARCH 2010

[ BOC CUSTOMS MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. NO. 44-2009, October 02, 2009 ]


1. Objectives

1.1 To recognize the Once-A-Year Importer as a valid client under the Client Profile Registration System (CPRS) of the Electronic to Mobile (e2m) Customs System

1.2 To provide detailed instructions to Once-A-Year Importers.
1.3 To explain the privileges and limitations of a Once-A-Year Importer in the e2m Customs System clearance process

1.3 To facilitate the clearance of a Once-A-Year importation.

2. General Provisions

2.1 A Once-A-Year Importer is an individual, company, corporation or partnership who has a single shipment covered by one Bill of Lading and one import entry declaration. The registration of an importer under this order is limited only to one importation for the period of 365 days from the date of approval by the District Collector of the port.

2.2 The Once-A-Year importation application shall be evaluated and recommended for approval by the CIIS Officer-in-Charge (OIC) in every port and approved by the District Collector of the port.

2.3 An importer previously accredited as a regular importer cannot avail of the provisions of this order.

2.4 The payment of duties and taxes of a Once-A-Year importation shall follow the provisions of CAO 10-2008 and CMO 6-2009 (PASS5).

2.5 Once-A-Year importations shall be processed under the Formal Entry (Consumption) or Informal Entry Declarations, as appropriate.

2.6 The application for CPRS Registration of a Once-A-Year importer shall be filed with the value Added Service Providers (VASPs). The Once-A-Year Importer CPRS Registration Form is in Annex A*

3. Operational Provisions

3.1       Application for CPRS Registration
3.1.1 The Once-A-Year Importer applies for his CPRS Registration through VASP using the form in Annex A.

3.1.2  The applicant presents his supporting documents to the CIIS OIC in the concerned collection district port.

3.1.3 The following are the required supporting documents:
Corporation/Company  TIN of Company  SEC Registration Number/DTI Registration  Bill of Lading / Airway Bill of Lading  IEIRD  Notarized e2m CPRS Application Form

Individual  TIN of Applicant  Bill of Lading / Airway Bill of Lading  IEIRD  Notarized e2m CPRS Application Form
3.2  Evaluation and Approval Process
3.2.1 The CIIS OIC shall evaluate the application form and the required supporting documents and accordingly recommend the approval or disapproval of the application.

3.2.2 The District Collector shall approve/disapprove the application, which shall be tagged in CPRS.

3.2.3 MISTG shall activate the approved registration.
3.3  Client Receipt of the CPRS Feedback
3.3.1 Upon approval of the CPRS Registration, the Once-A-Year Importer shall automatically receive an e-mail notification from the e2m Customs System with the Certificate of Registration (COR) as attachment, in the e-mail address that he indicated in his application for CPRS Registration.  If the Once-A-Year Importer fails to get his copy of the COR in the e-mail, he forwards his notification e-mail of approval to the MISTG e-mail address ( and request for a copy of his COR. The COR shall be re-sent to the Once-A-Year Importer’s e-mail address. (Some e-mail providers and corporate e-mail accounts do not accept e-mail attachments. The applicant should indicate an e-mail address in his CPRS application that will not reject an e-mail attachment)  If the Once-A-Year Importer fails to get an e-mail notifying him of the approval of his CPRS registration, but his name is listed in the Approved List of Once-A-Year  Importers in the BOC website (, he corrects or replaces the e-mail address in his CPRS record to where the e-mail notification and COR will be sent. (This happens when the e-mail address provided is erroneous, non-existent or inactive)

3.3.2 The List of Approved Once-A-Year Importers shall be published in the Customs website

3.3.3 Disapproved applications for CPRS Registration may be corrected and relodged at the VASP by repeating steps stipulated in Section 3.1.
3.4  Enrollment with Authorized Agent Bank (AAB)
3.4.1 The Once-A-Year Importer submits his COR to any of the AABs to enroll his bank account, existing or new, from where his Customs duties and taxes shall be debited. The list of AABs is available in the BOC website.

3.4.2 The AAB completes the enrollment process and provides the Once-A-Year importer with his Bank Reference Number and electronically transmits the same to e2m Customs System through the BOC-Bankers Association of the Philippines-Philippine Clearing House Corporation (BOC-BAP/PCHC) internet portal.

3.4.3 The Once-A-Year importer shall indicate the Bank Reference Number in his once-a-year importation declaration
4. Repealing Clause

All Customs Memorandum Orders inconsistent with the provisions of the Order are hereby deemed modified and/or amended accordingly.

5. Effectivity

This Order shall take effect immediately.

Adopted: 2 Oct. 2009


* Text Available at Office of the National Administrative Register, U.P. Law Complex, Diliman, Quezon City
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