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(NAR) VOL. 6 NO. 1 / JANUARY - MARCH 1995

[ BOC MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 81-95, February 28, 1995 ]


Appended herewith is a copy of the Procedures and Control System for All Truck Drivers and Truck Helpers.

All concerned shall be guided accordingly.

Adopted: 28 Feb. 1995

Deputy Commissioner
Internal Administration Group

Procedures and Control System for all Truck Drivers and Truck Helpers

In order to ensure the safety and security of all Manila International Container Terminal port users, as well as cargo handling equipment, tractors/trailers, light service vehicles and other terminal facilities within the port premises, the following terminal traffic regulations and procedures have been compiled by International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (CTSI):

- Any tractor/trailer, straight bed truck or towed chassis without plate numbers will not be allowed to enter the terminal.

- All drivers and helpers must display/show their respective identification Card (ID) from trucking companies they are employed with before permission to enter the terminal will be given.

- There should be a maximum of one driver and one helper for every tractor/trailer entering the terminal.

- All drivers and helpers should be given instructions on safety procedures and detailed terminal traffic routes before or upon entering the terminal.

- All towed containers (loaded and/or empty) should be surveyed first by Philippine Islands Inspection Services, Inc. (PISSI) before entering and/or leaving the terminal.

- ICTSI shall not be held liable for any injury to persons or port users, loss and damages to properties or vehicles arising from any incidents/accidents, or the commission of felonies or crimes perpetrated by any driver, helper, or any other person while inside the terminal. ICTSI's Safety Office and RWSSI Security will preside over these matters.

- All tractors/trailers and straight bed trucks entering the terminal must be equipped with clearly visible amber warning/flashing lights, functional, when passing through and/or working within the container stacking area.

- All tractors/trailers and straight bed truck drivers must comply with the required 25 kph speed limit inside the terminal and 40 kph speed limit outside the terminal and/or along the MICT South Access Road from Del Pan Gate Terminal East, West and Central Gate Portals.

- ICTSI reserves the right to summon and/or impose appropriate action to drivers and/or truck owners found to have violated traffic rules on speed limits.

- All cargo handling equipment, such as straddle carriers, yard cranes and quay cranes have right of way over all other types of vehicles operating inside the terminal. Any other vehicle entering the terminal must give way to these equipment.

- All tractors/trailers and trucks must queue (in single line) at the pre-arranged designated entry and exit points or lanes at the portal gates. No overtaking or cutting into lanes is allowed.

- All tractors/trailers and truck drivers entering the terminal must be alert and take necessary precautions to avoid straddle carriers, yard cranes and quay cranes whenever such equipment are at work in the terminal stacking area. These machines have blind spots which make it difficult for the equipment operators to see their surroundings 100 per cent. Thus, truck and light vehicle drivers must always give way to these equipment.

- After being mounted with containers (loaded or empty), tractors/trailers and truck drivers must immediately proceed to the West Gate to exit at the Import Container Lanes and process their documents at the gate's office. Drivers and helpers are not allowed to park their tracks/tractors on any part of the terminal stacking area. This is also applicable to tractors/trailers and trucks delivering export containers and empty containers inside the terminal.

- All drivers and helpers must stay inside the tractor and truck operator's cab while being mounted and/or dismounted with containers. They must also be attentive to ongoing operations and be prepared to respond to any situation arising.

- All drivers and helpers must ensure that containers (loaded or empty) are safely mounted/dismounted on the toed trailers/chassis with twistlocks fully locked or unlocked, as the case may be, before leaving the loading/unloading points. Tractors/trailers and trucks without adequate provision for securing containers shall not be allowed to enter the terminal.

- Drivers are not allowed to park and leave their tractors/trailers and trucks at any place within the terminal wherein they could pose hazard or obstruction that may delay terminal operations. Drivers should not park their vehicles at the yard crane's pathways (seaside and landslide). Parallel parking with quay cranes at the apron for tractors/trailers and trucks awaiting loading and unloading to and from the vessels docked at the berthing area is permitted for vessel operations only.

In addition:

- Repeated and/or gross violation of these procedures will be sufficient grounds for ICTSI to impose appropriate actions/sanctions in accordance with the existing port safety rules and regulations.

- All drivers, helpers and trucking companies or owners committing violations with regard to these procedures will be liable for the consequences and must settle/pay the cost of any damages.

- All drivers, helpers and equipment operators are the key elements of this ICTSI Procedures and Control System. Therefore, they must all be made aware of the imposition of this system.

- These procedures take effect immediately. Thus, all and any other memorandum, rules or guidelines superseding and/or inconsistent with the above will be amended accordingly.

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