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(NAR) VOL. 20 NO.3 / JULY - SEPTEMBER 2009

[ LTO MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. ACL-2009-1201, July 16, 2009 ]


To assure a harmonized and uniform implementation of licensing rules and regulations, the Central Office License Section (COLS) evaluators are hereby ordered to conduct post evaluation of driver’s license application filed at LTO field offices operating under the LTO Enhancement Activity Project (LEAP).

For the guidance of all concerned, hereunder is the procedure to be observed in the conduct of post evaluation of driver’s license applications:


The objectives of the monitoring are:

1. To determine if the existing licensing rules and regulations are being adhered to; and

2. To develop awareness among employees concerned that non-compliance with the licensing rules and regulations of this Office will subject them to proper disciplinary action.


The driver’s license applications filed at the decentralized LTO Licensing Centers, District Offices, and Driver License Renewal Centers (DLRC) operating under the LTO Enhancement Activity Project (LEAP) shall be subjected to post evaluation by the Central Office License Section (COLS) evaluators.


1. The following issued driver’s license applications/transactions together with corresponding supporting documents shall be subject for post evaluation by Central Office License Section (COLS) evaluators to wit:

a. Application for new driver’s licenses (non-professional, professional and conductor’s license);
b. Application for additional codes;
c.Applications with revision of records;
d. Applications for change status;
e. Application subject to re-examination;
f. Application for renewal; and
g. Application for student driving permit

2. The approved driver’s license applications subject for evaluation must (a) always be available upon request of COLS evaluators and (b) must be accompanied with copies of official receipts of payment and other supporting documents.

3. The Central Office License Section (COLS) evaluators shall be deployed to various field agencies not only to perform post evaluation functions but also to conduct lectures on licensing as the need arises.

4. The request of COLS evaluators for pull out of applications from the agency for further evaluation and verification of data such as the history and previous records of a licensee must be allowed by the Chief of agency and the same should be duly acknowledged by the requesting party.

5. The driver’s license cards which were already released to licensees but same were post evaluated to have been issued inconsistent to existing licensing rules and regulations shall be recalled and placed under system alarm. It shall be the duty of the Chief of agency to duly notify the licensee in writing.

6. In view of the limited number of COLS personnel, post evaluation shall be done through random sampling.


All concerned are expected to adhere to the following obligations and responsibilities:

1. The Central Office License Section (COLS) evaluators should confer with the agency employees about the result of their post evaluation;

2. COLS evaluators are duty bound to inform and update employees of the field agencies of the new memorandum circulars and other regulations pertaining to licensing matters;

3. As recommended by ISO/CIPI auditors, cascading of new licensing policies to employees shall form part of the post evaluation process to achieve a harmonized and standardized implementation of rules and regulations nationwide;

4. Pursuant to Memorandum Circular No. 560-2004 dated 23 December 2004, the Regional Offices shall be rated in relation to licensing transactions handled and strict compliance with the official flow of licensing functions, so that employees of agencies under their regional jurisdiction must strictly adhere to licensing rules and regulations to avoid rejections which can be the basis or source of low performance rating of a Regional Offices;

5. In case of different interpretation of licensing policies, the same shall be elevated to the Assistant Secretary thru the Chief, Operations Division/ Team Leader, Process Control Team (PCT) for clarification and correct interpretation;

6. The COLS evaluators must be accorded utmost courtesy by employees of Agency being evaluated, in the same manner that COLS evaluators are expected to observe courtesy to the employees of the agency they are evaluating; and

7. The post evaluation process in its entirety must be viewed as a corrective measure rather than a punitive action.


The rejections which require administrative sanctions shall be dealt with pursuant to the provisions of LTO Memorandum Circular No. 2003-481 dated September 2003 and Civil Service Commission Resolution No. 99-1936 dated 31 August 1999 Rule IV Sec. 52 thereof.


The Central Office License Section (COLS) evaluators will render report of their performed tasks to the Assistant Secretary thru the Chief, Operations Division, copy furnished the Regional Director.


All rules and regulations inconsistent herewith are deemed superseded.


This Order shall take effect upon approval of the Assistant Secretary.

Adopted: 16 July 2009

Assistant Secretary

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