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(NAR) VOL. 20 NO.3 / JULY - SEPTEMBER 2009

[ LTO MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. ACL-2009-1185, July 14, 2009 ]


In order to have a general application and uniform implementation of Memorandum Circular No. ACL-2009-1123 Re: Delineation of Functions in Law Enforcement and Adjudication of Cases in the Regional level, the following guidelines shall be observed:

1. The adjudication function of the Operations Division in the regions shall now be transferred to the Office of the Assistant Regional Director with the Assistant Regional Director acting as the Approving Officer in all apprehension cases including those under appeal from the district offices;

2. All Regional Directors are hereby instructed to cause the reassignments of personnel in the Operations Division performing adjudication function to assist the Assistant Regional Directors in the disposal of apprehension cases;

3. Personnel assigned to assist the Assistant Regional Director should at least be a holder of a Transportation Regulations Officer (TRO)/Public Utility Regulations Officer (PURO) position or a salary grade level 11, preferably with a background in the study of law;

4. Multi tasking shall remain to be enforced in the Operations Division in view of the lack of personnel but the supervision of the field enforcement shall continue to be exercised by the Chief of the Operations Division;

5. To maintain the principle of “check and balance”, all personnel assigned to the Office of the Assistant Regional Director to do the adjudication function shall no longer be eligible for deputation as member of the law enforcement team or shall no longer be allowed to apprehend motor vehicles in the enforcement of the provisions of Republic Act No. 4136 (Land Transportation and Traffic Code of the Philippines) and its related laws, rules and regulations;

6. In Regional Offices where there are no functional assistant regional directors, like Region IV-B, the Regional Director is hereby given the free hand or discretion to designate a qualified personnel and his staff to do the adjudication function. The office order issued for this purpose shall be furnished to the Office of the Assistant Secretary for records purposes;

7. These guidelines shall be operational only at the Regional Office level. The existing procedure shall be retained at the District Offices. Hence, all apprehensions submitted to the District Offices by duly deputized law enforcement agents shall be recorded, evaluated, encoded, adjudicated and disposed thereat while that of the Operations Division shall be done at the Regional Office. Appealed cases from the district offices shall be forwarded to the Office of the Assistant Regional Director for proper disposal;

8. To facilitate the approval of change orders for the transfer of workstations, all Assistant Regional Directors are directed to submit the following:

1. Request for the installation of LTO-IT system to his workstation;

2. Request for User Security Update (RUSU) for LTO users of law enforcement and traffic adjudication system (LETAS) as new user/add role/delete role.

All orders, memoranda and other issuances inconsistent herewith are deemed superseded and/or otherwise modified accordingly.

For your guidance and strict compliance.

Adopted: 14 July 2009

Assistant Secretary

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