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(NAR) VOL. 6 NO. 1 / JANUARY - MARCH 1995

[ POEA MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 19, March 09, 1995 ]


Pursuant to DOLE Department Order No. 6 Series of 1995, the following guidelines on the processing and deployment of artists with visas/Certificates of Eligibility issued on or before December 31st, 1994 are hereby promulgated:

1. The salary in the Employment Contract on the artist shall be the minimum monthly salary stipulated by the country of destination. In the case of Japan, is shall be Yen 200,000. An addendum shall be submitted together with the Standard Employment Contract of the artist bound for Japan that will indicate a minimum net monthly salary of US$800.00. The addendum shall be signed by the artist and the licensed agency.

2. The joint affidavit that shall be executed by the artist and the licensed agency shall be notarized and submitted in its original form. The POEA reserves the right to verify the facts of information indicated in the affidavit. Any false information shall mean automatic cancellation of the agency's license and disqualification of the artist for overseas employment.

3. The joint affidavit by the foreign principal/promoter and venue owner need not be authenticated by the Philippine Embassy. The POEA may accept a copy of such an affidavit transmitted by fax for purposes of processing the documents of the artist. The release of the OEC and the processed contract, however, shall be subject to presentation of the original copy of the affidavit.

4. The processing of documents of groups with less than five (5) members shall be subject to exemption from the Office of the Secretary. The appropriate endorsement of pertinent documents to the Office of the Secretary shall be undertaken by the POEA.

5. Artists whose visas/COE's have been revalidated are likewise covered by Department Order No. 6 and these guidelines provided they can present the first visa/COE or corresponding translation which should indicate the date of issuance as on or before December 31st, 1994.

6. Artists whose documents were processed by the POEA before December 31st, 1994 shall be allowed to leave under the same conditions specified by Department Order No. 6. The affidavits pertinent to them shall be submitted to the Employment Contracts Processing Branch (ECPB).

7. The departure of artists who shall be processed in accordance with Department Order No. 6 and with these guidelines should be effected not later than June 30, 1995.

For your guidance and strict compliance.

Adopted: 9 Mar. 1995


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