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(NAR) VOL. 10 NO. 3 / JULY - SEPTEMBER 1999

[ SRA SUGAR ORDER NO. 13, S. 98-99, June 24, 1999 ]


WHEREAS, there is a need to rationalize the sugar importation of processors/manufacturers of sugar-based products for exports;

WHEREAS, it is imperative to monitor the movement of sugar imported by or consigned to processors/manufacturers of sugar-based products for export in order to forestall the possibility of this sugar being illegally unloaded in the domestic market;

NOW, THEREFORE, under and by virtue of the authority vested in the Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA), it is hereby ordered that:

SECTION 1. This Order shall apply only to all imported sugar, whether raw or refined, -to be used as ingredient for sugar-based products for export.

SECTION 2. The importer/consignee of the imported sugar, whether an accredited member of the Customs Common Bonded Warehouse (CBW) or Individual Bonded Warehouse (IBW), covered by this Order shall apply for clearance with the SRA prior to the release of the commodity by the Bureau of Customs (BOC). In its application for clearance, the importer/consignee must submit the SRA the following documents:
a. Certification of Sugar Requirements of processors/manufacturers of sugar-based products for export, for a given year, issued by SRA.

b. Pro-forma invoice

c. Bill of Lading

d. Inward Foreign Manifest
SECTION 3. The customs bonded importer/consignee must present for verification the original or duplicate original copies of the pertinent import documents mentioned herein to be compared with the photocopies submitted to SRA.

SECTION 4. The importer/consignee shall pay a monitoring fee of P5.00 LKg.-bag of imported sugar directly to the SRA prior to issuance of clearance.

SECTION 5. The SRA clearance shall indicate the classification of the imported sugar as "D" or world market sugar.

In the event that the cumulative quantity of imported sugar, whether raw or refined, exceeds that of the sugar requirement of the importer/consignee for a twelve (12) month period, reckoned from the date of issuance of the certification of sugar requirement, the excess sugar and the corresponding bond shall be subject to confiscation. The confiscated sugar shall be turned-over by SRA to the National Food Authority (NFA).

SECTION 6. For effective monitoring, all bonded importers/consignees, with SRA clearances, shall submit their quarterly consumption of sugar to the SRA. They shall also furnish SRA copies of their liquidation report to BOC within six (6) months from the date of issuance of their SRA clearances.

SECTION 7. A Circular Letter shall be issued defining the guidelines in the issuance of Certification of Sugar Requirements for processors/manufacturers of sugar-based products for export.

SECTION 8. Violation by the customs bonded importer/consignee of the provisions of this Sugar Order and Circular Letter on the issuance of Certification of Sugar Requirements shall be a ground for the revocation of the said certification and/or denial of the application for import clearance.

SECTION 9. This Sugar Order shall take effect immediately.

SECTION 11. Provisions of Sugar Orders, Circular Letters, Memoranda, rules and regulations inconsistent with or contrary to this Sugar Order are hereby revoked, amended or modified accordingly.

Adopted: 24 June 1999

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