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(NAR) VOL. 6 NO. 1 / JANUARY - MARCH 1995

[ BOC MEMORANDUM, March 11, 1995 ]


Pending the issuance of more detailed procedures, the following shall be immediately observed in the processing of entries covering containerized shipments sealed by the CISS Surveyor (SGS) either under the GREEN LANE (CMO 37-94) or the YELLOW LANE (CMO 96-92):

1. For shipments covered by CMO 96-92 (Yellow Lane), entry shall be assigned to an examiner who shall physically verify the condition of the two SGS seals, i.e. the pink bolt seal and the wire seal:

  1. If the seals are INTACT, i.e., they do not show any sign of tampering and/or having been broken, a report will be made on the EXAMINER'S RETURN on the seal condition. There will be no need to open the container and verify its contents except when there are other disqualifications as provided for under CMO 96-92.

  2. The assigned Customs Examiner must endeavor to verify the seal condition with dispatch and if INTACT, cause the transmittal of the entry to the next station at the earliest possible time.

  3. If any of the SEALS show signs of tampering or that either one has been broken or no longer attached to the container, the arrastre supervisor shall be made to certify on the EXAMINER'S RETURN after which the van shall be SPOTCHECKED in the presence of CIIS and ESS representatives in the area for any Customs violation. Any irregularity observed must be represented to the Collector for action and a photocopy of the entry after accomplishment of the Examiner's return be forwarded to the Office of the Commissioner (Attn: Chief of Staff) for information.

2. For shipments covered by CMO 37-94 (Green Lane), the following supplemental control measures shall be observed:

  1. The Chief, PID shall assign a PID Liaison Officer at the Entry Processing Division of the Port who shall obtain the following shipment details from the entry and communicate these details immediately to the Arrastre Action Officer (AAO) and the PID Seal Verification Unit (PID-SVU):

    1. Vessel
    2. Voyage Number
    3. Registry Number
    4. Container Number

  2. Upon receipt of the AAO of the above information of the container(s), he shall cause the immediate positioning at the designated Green Lane Pre-Delivery Area(s) (GL-PDA) where the seal verification shall be undertaken.

  3. The Supervisor, PID-SVU shall designate an Action Officer (PID-AO) to follow-up on the transfer of the van to the GL-PDA. The PID-AO shall perform the seal verification and the spotchecking (if warranted) following the same procedures in 1-a and 1-b. In this situation, the action officer shall perform the work of the Customs Examiner and the SEAL VERIFICATION REPORT/SPOTCHECK REPORT shall take the place of the Customs Entry. Any irregularity observed must be immediately reported to the Collector of Customs, copy furnished the Commissioner of Customs for appropriate legal action.

  4. Processing of Green Lane Entries shall continue to be performed pursuant to CMO 37-94. The seal verification (as may be warranted on the basis of seal condition) shall be separately undertaken and shall in no way delay legitimate Green Lane shipments.

  5. To carry out the required coordination between EPD, PID and Arrastre, the Chief, PID shall immediately establish a communication network between these offices which can be a combination of telephones, transceivers and/or intercoms.

For implementation effective 15 March 1995.

Adopted: 11 Mar. 1995


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