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(NAR) VOL. 6 NO. 1 / JANUARY - MARCH 1995

[ POEA MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 19-A, March 24, 1995 ]


Further to POEA Memorandum Circular No. 19 and the enable artists bound for Japan to meet the conditions of the Embassy of Japan indicated in its Circular No. 01-95, the following additional guidelines are hereby issued:

1. POEA shall accept affidavits executed by the promoter and venue owner that have been acknowledged in any of the following manner:

1.a notarized in the host country

1.b notarized in the Philippines

1.c validated by the Labor Attache (affidavit was executed and signed in the presence of the Labor Attache)

2. POEA shall release the OECs and processed contracts even if the original copy of the joint affidavit of promoter and venue owner has not been submitted. The licensed agency/entity shall be given fifteen (15) days from release of the OECs/contracts to submit the original copy of said affidavit.

3. POEA shall accept as attachments to the joint affidavit of the licensed agency and returning artist any of the following:

3.a copy of contract of immediate past employment

3.b copy of relevant entries in the passport

3.c copy of previous Information Sheet

3.d copy of previous OEC

4. POEA shall accept documents for processing of artists with expired contracts provided such COB's were issued on or before 31st December 1994.

5. Requests for processing of group performers with less than five (5) members should be submitted to the employment Contracts Processing Branch (ECPB) which in turn shall prepare the appropriate endorsement to the Office of the Secretary of Labor and Employment. It is important that such request should clearly indicate the basis for exemptions and enclose the corresponding supporting documents.

For your guidance and strict compliance.

Adopted: 24 Mar. 1995


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