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(NAR) VOL. 16 NO. 3 / JULY - SEPTEMBER 2005

[ OWWA MEMORANDUM OF INSTRUCTIONS NO. 002, S. 2005, February 25, 2005 ]



Pursuant to the objective of bridging the gap in the fate of successful OFWs and those who suffered misfortunes in the course of their overseas employment, and in view of the priority concern for children's education among OFW families, the implementation of the TULOY-ARAL PROJECT is hereby instructed subject to the guidelines hereto provided.

Definition of Terms

    1. Tuloy-Aral Scholars (TAS) refers to elementary and high-school students chosen to be recipients of the scholarship.

    2. Tuloy-Aral Fund (TAF) refers to the fund set-up as a special account by OWWA from proceeds of sponsorship by OFWs, for the purpose of financing the project needs.

    3. Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) refers to the Labor Offices in different Embassies/Consulates worldwide where there are OWWA Welfare Officers assigned, tasked to promote the project by recruiting foster parents.

    4. Foster Parents (FP) refers to the OFWs, OFW organizations and other parties who are willing to sponsor the TAS by contributing an annual amount of US$100.00 for the TAS' education expenses.

    5. Family Welfare Officers (FWO) refers to the OWWA personnel primarily tasked to implement the project.

Selection Criteria

In order to qualify for the scholarship, the TAS must be;

    1. An offspring of an indigent OFW/ an indigent former OFW. Submission of birth certificate and report of indigence (prepared by DSWD or FWO) shall be required.

    2. An elementary or high-school student.

    3. Above-average class standing; and

    4. Enrolled in the public school system.


    1. TAS Selection

    The FWO or the DSWD representative shall identify, prepare family profile and recommend to the Regional Director the TAS from among the families in his area of coverage, using the above criteria.

    The initial target TAS is at least 100 for the National Capital Region (NCR). Selections in other regions shall follow after the pilot test in the NCR. There shall be a Program Management Team composed of a representative from the Office of the Administrator, and the Directors of the OOCS and ROCS, who shall determine the order of priority in the succeeding regional areas.

    2. FP Recruitment

    The POLO through the Welfare Officer shall identify Foster Parents who are:

    2.1 Willing to sponsor the education of a TAS, and contribute the amount of $100 per year for education expenses to include tuition fee, books, supplies, allowance and related requirements.
    2.2 Financially stable, and
    2.3 Of good standing in the Filipino community.

    The OWWA Regional Directors, through the FWO, may also identify foster parents from individuals/organizations in their respective areas who are willing to sponsor the TAS at the Peso equivalent of $100.

    3. Grant of Assistance

    The project shall cover the actual cost of tuition fees, books, supplies, authorized school contributions, allowance and school uniform not exceeding the Peso equivalent of $100 per year. The stipend, for this purpose, shall not exceed P2,000 per year.

    4. Tuloy-Aral Fund

    There shall be a bank account to be maintained for this program with the Directors of the OOCS and ROCS as joint signatories for each transaction. All withdrawals from this fund shall be subject to approval by the Administrator.

    An annual financial report of the fund shall be rendered and presented to all contributors to this fund.

    5. Progress Report

    The FWO in coordination with the DSWD field officer shall monitor the school progress of the TAS. He shall submit a quarterly report to the Program Planning and Development Office (PPDO), which shall be communicated to the foster parents through the POLO network.

    The FWO shall likewise arrange periodic meetings with the TAS, primarily to discuss concerns and future plans for the beneficiaries of the program.

    6. Monitoring and Evaluation

    The PPDO shall undertake an over-all monitoring and evaluation, in coordination with ROCS for purposes of further project development.

    7. Effectivity

    This MOI shall take effect immediately.

Adopted: 25 Feb. 2005


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