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(NAR) VOL. 6 NO. 1 / JANUARY - MARCH 1995

[ LTO MEMORANDUM, March 27, 1995 ]


Pursuant to the directive of the Honorable Secretary of DOTC under Department Order Nos. 94-806 and 94-289, the following guidelines shall be observed in the registration and apprehension of right hand drive vehicles.

1. No RHD vehicle shall be renewed its registration effective 01 April 1995. Owners of RHD vehicles shall not be allowed to pay under deposit as contemplated under Sec. 5 of R.A. 4136, but may place said vehicle under storage and reactivated only when the proper conversion (repositioning) to LHD is done.

2. RHD vehicles registered from January to March 1995 per Sec. 16, R.A. 4136 shall be apprehended and their license plates confiscated and suspended until such vehicles are converted (repositioned) to LHD; if said vehicle is found operating during the period of its suspension, the driver and/or owner shall be penalized in accordance with Department Order No. 93-693 and MC No. 89-105;

3. Proof of conversion from RHD to LHD shall be trough ocular inspection and presentation of the Certificate of Warranty provided under the PNS regulations.

For any violation hereof, the head of the registering agency and inspector concerned shall be summarily penalized including but not limited to relief and suspension and such other administrative action provided under existing Civil Service rules and regulations.

For the strict compliance of all concerned.

Adopted: 27 Mar. 1995

Brig. Gen. AFP (Ret)
Assistant Secretary

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