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(NAR) VOL. 23 NO. 1, JANUARY - MARCH 2012

[ BSP MEMORANDUM NO. M-2012-011 (CORRECTED COPY), February 17, 2012 ]


Adopted: 17 February 2012
Date Filed: 21 March 2012

In order to build baseline information of IT systems of Philippine banks and to risk profile the complexity of IT operations based on technology-related products and services offered, delivery channels, and processes involved, all banks are required to accomplish and submit an IT Profile report as of 31 December 2011. This is in furtherance to Sec. X176 of the manual of regulations of Banks (MORB) on Technology risk management.

The following shall be observed in the submission of the IT Profile report:

  1. The IT Profile reporting template can be accessed at The initial IT Profile report as of 31 December 2011 shall be submitted to the BSP on or before 31 March 2012. Subsequent reports shall be submitted on an annual basis within twenty-five (25) calendar days from the end of reference year. (Attached as Annex A is sample format of IT Profile report).

  2. The IT Profile report shall be submitted electronically to the following e-mail addresses:

  3. E-mail Address
    Type of reporting Institution Universal/Commercial Banks (U/KBs) Thrift Banks (TBs) Rural/Cooperative Banks (R/CBs)
    using the following format for the subject: “ITPROFILE,< bankname >,< reference period > ", e.g.:

    ITPROFILE < bankname >, 31 December 2011

  4. The certification, duly notarized and signed by the authorized official of the reporting institution, shall be sent within the prescribed submission deadline to the director of the BSP Supervisory Data Center (SDC) via facsimile at (632) 708-7554 or 708-7558.

  5. Institutions that are unable to transmit the IT Profile report electronically can submit said reports in Cd together with the aforementioned certification through messengerial or postal services within the prescribed deadline to:

    The Director
    Supervisory data Center
    Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
    16th Floor, Multi-Storey Building
    BSP Complex, A. Mabini Street
    Malate, Manila 1004

  6. The IT Profile report template and other relevant attachments are also available upon request at the BSP-SDC through the above-mentioned e-mail addresses and/ or postal address.

For compliance.

Deputy Governor
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