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(NAR) VOL. 6 NO. 3 / JULY - SEPTEMBER 1995

[ BOC MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 17-95, June 23, 1995 ]



1.1 To provide a scheme to be adopted by all airlines for the pre-generation of registry numbers;

1.2 To readily identify to which airline a registry number belongs, for control purposes;

1.3 To make registry numbers available, in advance, to all BOC units concerned, for their immediate use.

Administrative Provisions

Upon effectivity of this Order, all airlines shall henceforth be responsible for generating their own registry numbers accordingly:

2.1 Numbering Convention:

Registry numbers shall be alphanumeric, consisting of three (3) alphabetic and four (4) numeric characters. The alphabetic characters shall be the Airline Prefix Code as listed for the different airlines identified in Annex "A". All airlines currently using two (2) alphabetic prefix codes shall add "A" as the third letter until such time as IATA will issue their new prefix codes. The numerals shall be the sequence of aircraft arrivals per the regular schedule of each airline, per year;

The numerical suffix of zeroes shall be incremented by one for every scheduled arrival of each particular aircraft. For example, the registry numbers for the first, second, and third scheduled arrivals for Cathay Pacific Airways shall be CXA0001, CXA0002, and CXA0003, while for Philippine Airlines, it shall be PRA0001, PRA0002, and PRA0003, respectively; and so on for each airline on the list;

2.2 For unscheduled or special flight arrivals, the same Prefix Codes shall apply. However, the numeric portion of the registry shall start with the digit "9", to be followed by three (3) zeroes, to be incremented by one for every special or unscheduled flight arrival within a given year. Hence, the first, second, and third special flight arrivals of PAL for any given year, shall be numbered PRA9001, PRA9002, and PRA9003, respectively, and so on for every other airline.

Operational Provisions

3.1 The numerical sequencing of all registry numbers shall be reset on the first day of January of each succeeding year;

3.2 Two weeks before the start of every quarter, each airline shall pre-generate the registry numbers for all of their scheduled flight arrivals for that quarter. A copy of the pre-generated list shall be immediately submitted to the Aircraft Operations Division (AOD) and the Data Monitoring Division (DMD). The pre-generated registry numbers shall be adopted for use by all concerned units for their official purposes. The registry numbers shall be unique to each flight regardless of actual arrival (e.g. delayed flights). No modifications/adjustments in the registry numbers shall be made by any office. An appropriate notation/communication shall be made in cases of flight cancellations;

3.3 Registry numbers of unscheduled/special flights shall be generated and submitted, as provided above, at the earliest possible time immediately after any airline shall have confirmed the ETA of any such flights;

3.4 AOD shall prepare a daily report of flight arrivals indicating therein the actual date and time of arrivals. Flight and Registry Numbers, copy furnished DMD. It shall also be responsible for generating registry numbers for flight arrivals of airlines not listed in Annex "A", for which the alphabetic Prefix Code shall be "AOD";

3.5 All registry numbers must likewise be affixed on all pertinent documents required for submission to the Bureau.

Modifying Clause

All existing Orders and Issuances on coding and/or numbering scheme in the issuance and assignment of registry numbers that are contradictory or inconsistent with the provisions of this Order are hereby deemed revoked, superseded, or amended accordingly.


This order shall take effect 01 July 1995 and shall last until revoked.

Adopted: 23 June 1995


Annex A
List of Airlines and Prefix Codes (NAIA)

  Code Airline Name  
1. AZA Al Italia  
2. AFA Air France  
3. BAA British Airways  
4. BIA Royal Brunei  
5. BRA Eva Air  
6. CIA China Airlines  
7. CSA Continental Air  
8. CZA China Southern  
9. CXA Cathay Pacific  
10. EKA Emirates Airlines  
11. FMA Federal Express  
12. GAA Garuda Airways  
13. GFA Gulf Air  
14. JLA Japan Airlines  
15. KEA Korean Airlines  
16. KLA KLM Royal Dutch  
17. KUA Kuwait Airways  
18. LHA Lufthansa Airlines  
19. MHA Malaysian Airlines  
20. MSA Egypt Air  
21. ONA Air Nauru  
22. OZA Aseana Airlines  
23. PXA Air Nuigini  
24. PKA Pakistan Airlines  
25. PEC Pacific East  
26. PRA Philippine Airlines  
27. NWA Northwest Airlines  
28. QFA Qantas Airlines  
29. SQA Singapore Airlines  
30. SVA Saudia Airlines  
31. SRA Swiss Air  
32. TGA Thai Airways  
33. UAA United Airlines  
34. VNA Vietnam Airlines  
35. AOD Other than the above  
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