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(NAR) VOL. 6 NO. 3 / JULY - SEPTEMBER 1995

[ MTRCB MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 95-013, June 28, 1995 ]


Listed below are your responsibilities as film exhibitors:

1. Register with the Board every year and preferably within the first 3 months to avoid surcharge. Unregistered theaters do not have the right to exhibit films.

2. Theaters are required to play the Philippine National Anthem before the start of the first screening. The playing of the National Anthem should be preceded by an announcement and the people in the theater should be asked to stand and to place their right hand over their left chest.

3. Exhibit only motion pictures covered by valid MTRCB Permits to Exhibit. Movies shown without a permit or with an expired permit are subject to seizure by the Board.

4. A copy of the Permit to Exhibit must be prominently displayed at the ticket sellers booth. A three feet high standee (sign) announcing the classification of the movie must be displayed at the theater lobby.

In case two (2) films are presented as double features, the more restrictive classification shall govern the announcement and the admission into the theaters. For example, when an "R-18 Restricted For Adults Only or Pang Wastong Gulang" movie is doubled with a "G General or Pang Pamilya" movie the standee shall be "R-18 Restricted For Adults Only" and admission to the theater shall be limited to adults only.

5. Please observe strictly the age classification of the movie showing in your theater and admit only the right age group.

GENERAL OR PANG PAMILYA (G) - means open to all ages

PARENTAL GUIDANCE 7 OR PAMBATA (PG-7) - means persons 7 to 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. No one below 7 years of age should be admitted even if accompanied by an adult.

PARENTAL GUIDANCE 13 OR PANG TINEYDYER (PG-13) - means only person 13 years of age and above can see the movie. Children below 13 should not be allowed inside the theater even if accompanied by an adult.

RESTRICTED FOR ADULTS ONLY OR PANG WASTONG GULANG (R-18) - means for persons 18 years of age and above only.

6. Theater owners/operators are responsible for publicity materials like still photos, photoframes, posters and billboards set up in the theater premises. All of these publicity materials must be General Patronage - fit for all ages. This means that they must be safe to be seen even by children. There must be no vulgar, sexy or violent scenes in these materials. Use your good judgment. Do not display any objectionable material even if given to you by the movie production company. The Board will hold you and the film owner jointly responsible for this.

7. You are obliged by law to allow an MTRCB Pass-holder entry to your theater in compliance with this monitoring duties under P.D. No. 1986. The Pass-holder is entitled to bring one companion into the theater who must conform to the age classification of the movie being shown and who must remain with the pass-holder at all times.

We seek and expect your compliance with these duties and responsibilities, non-compliance of which will subject the violator not only to administrative sanctions but also to criminal prosecution under Presidential Decree No. 1986.

Let us together protect our people from immorality and indecency. If you have any inquiries we are ready to assist you. Call the MTRCB at Tel. nos. 721-0881 to 83.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Adopted: 28 June 1995


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