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(NAR) VOL. 6 NO. 3 / JULY - SEPTEMBER 1995

[ MTRCB MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 94-29, September 29, 1994 ]


Please be informed that at the last Board Meeting, the MTRCB approved a new set of movie classification as follows:

GP - General Patronage or Pang Pamilya
PG 7 - Parental Guidance 7 or Pambata
PG 13 - Parental Guidance 13 or Pang Tineydyer
R 18 - For Adults Only or Pang Wastong Gulang
X - Disapproved or Bawal

Significant is the change of the Parental Guidance 15 rating to Parental Guidance 13. The Board has decided to observe the international definition of children as persons twelve (12) years old and below and place the 13 and 14 years old in the teenage bracket of Parental Guidance 13.

The Parental Guidance 7 or Pambata classification covering from 6 to 12 years old will still require the presence of an adult. Parental Guidance 13 or Pang Tineydyer, for persons aged 13 to 17, will not require adult companionship.

The Board also approved the Guidelines for Movie Classification which are available at our offices.

This new classification shall take effect Monday, October 17, 1994.

For your information and guidance.

Adopted: 29 Sept. 1994


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