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[ DTI ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 10-06, S. 2010, June 28, 2010 ]


WHEREAS, Department Administrative Order No. 07, series of 2005, (DAO 07, s. 2005) created the Garments and Textile Import Services (GTIS) Division which was mandated to perform and exercise the functions relative to the issuance of license to import raw materials, license to operate a Bonded Manufacturing Warehouse (BMW)/ Common Bonded Manufacturing Warehouse (CBMW), accreditation of garment exporters as member of CBMW and accreditation/registration of subcontractors (collectively called the import-related functions of GTIS).

WHEREAS, Department Order No. 31, series of 2008, (DO 31, s. 2008) created the Garments and Textile Industry Development Office (GTIDO) under the Office of the Undersecretary for Industry and Investments and transferred the import-related functions of GTIS to GTIDO.

WHEREAS, Department Order No. 10-22, series of 2010, revoked the reassignment of GTIS personnel to GTIDO to report back to their former posts in the Bureau of Export Trade Promotion.

WHEREAS, the import related functions of GTIS are within the framework of the industry development and promotions mandate of the Board of Investments.

NOW, THEREFORE, it is hereby ordered that:

SECTION 1. Transfer of Import-Related Functions of GTIS to the Board of Investments – The import-related functions of GTIS are hereby transferred to the Board of Investments (BOI). BOI shall exercise the following functions and authority:

a. Issuance of license to import raw materials
b. Issuance of license to operate a Bonded Manufacturing Warehouse (BMW)/Common Bonded Manufacturing Warehouse (CBMW)
c. Accreditation of garment exporters as member of CBMW
d. Accreditation/registration of subcontractor

SECTION 2. Application Procedure – The BOI-Incentives Department shall process and evaluate all applications for licenses, accreditation or registration, as the case may be, and exercise other actions pertinent to the functions provided in the preceding section.

All actions relating thereto is subject to the approval of the Executive Director of Project Assessment Group and ratification by the Board of Governors.

SECTION 3. The GTIDO Special Committee. The GTIDO Special Committee created under Section 4 of D.O. 31 s. 2008 shall act as the policy-making body of DTI on all import-related matters relative to exports of garments and textile.

SECTION 4. Applicability of GTIS Rules and Regulations - The relevant provisions of the Rules and Regulations on Garments and Textile Import Services (GTIS Rules and Regulations) adopted pursuant to Executive Order 285 Series of 2004 and DO 07 s. 2005 shall apply until such time that the Garments and Textile Industry Development Office Rules and Regulations shall become effective.

SECTION 5. Transition Period - A one-month transition period from 16 June 2010 to 15 July 2010 is hereby provided by GTIS to the BOI to assist and train the latter’s personnel. All applications officially accepted on or before 15 July 2010 shall be processed by GTIS.

SECTION 6. Repealing Clause – DAO 07, s. 2005 is hereby repealed. All other Orders, Circulars, Memoranda and issuances inconsistent herewith are hereby revoked, cancelled or modified accordingly, otherwise they shall have supplementary effect.

SECTION 7. Effectivity – This Order shall take effect immediately after its publication in a newspaper of general circulation.


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