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(NAR) VOL. 19 NO. 2 / APRIL - JUNE 2008

[ PHILHEALTH CIRCULAR NO. 09, S. 2008, May 15, 2008 ]


Stating the 3rd Quarter of 2008, the submission of the revised remittance reports (RF-1) shall be on or before the 15th day after the applicable month, as illustrated in Table 1 below.

Table 1   
 Coverage of Premium ContributionDeadline of Payment*Deadline of Submission of Remittance Reports (RF-1)
Old Schedule (Until 2nd January - March 2008Every 10th day after the applicable monthApril 15, 2008
Quarter of 2008)April - June 2008 July 15, 2008
New ScheduleJuly 2008August 10, 2008August 15, 2008
(Starting July 2008)August 2008September 10, 2008September 15, 2008
 September 2008October 10, 2008October 15, 2008
 Succeeding monthsEvery 10th day afterEvery 15th day after the
  the applicable monthapplicable month

The deadline of payment of remittances by the employed sector remains on every 10lh day 3fter tie applicable month

The revised RF-1 shall be used in submitting remittance reports starting August 15, 2008. Employers who are "diskette-reporting" shall also follow the same schedule.

In case that the employer fails to declare their employee's Monthly Salary Bracket (MSB) on the corresponding box, the premium contribution of the particular employee/s shall be pegged accordingly to the highest monthly salary bracket/range set by the Corporation (Please refer to the NHIP Monthly Premium Contribution Schedule")

Please be guided accordingly.

Adopted: 15 May 2008

Acting President and CEO
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