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(NAR) VOL. 6 NO. 3 / JULY - SEPTEMBER 1995

[ NTC MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 7-8-95, August 07, 1995 ]


Pursuant to the provisions of NTC M.C. No, 9-94-94A, the following minimum requirements and criteria for the designation of candidates from NTC accredited Radio Amateur Club or "Class A" Amateur Radio Operator who shall be authorized and be given responsibility to endorse for the renewal of amateur licenses and/or to conduct the required orientation seminar, is hereby promulgated.

Minimum Requirements to Candidates for the Accreditation

A. Class A Amateur Radio Operator

1. Written application or letter of intent.
2. Endorsement from an NTC accredited amateur radio club.
3. Copy of valid class A radio operator's certificate.
4. Bio-data
5. Affidavit of no criminal or administrative conviction.
6. Proof of amateur activities.

B. Amateur Radio Club

1. Written application or letter of intent.
2. Copy of valid radio club's Radio Station License.
3. Copy of valid amateur Radio Operator License of prospective instructors/speakers.
4. Bio-data of instructors/speakers.
5. Latest semi-annual report of the club's operation as embodied in the MOA.

Criteria for Designation

A. Class A Amateur Radio Operator

1. Bona fide and active member of a recognized Amateur Radio Club.

2. Holder of a valid Class "A" amateur radio operator certificate and has actively been involved in amateur activities for at least 3 years.

3. A Filipino citizen, of good moral character with outstanding reputation and dedication in the amateur service.

4. No previous criminal or administrative conviction.

B. Amateur Radio Club

1. Bona fide NTC accredited amateur radio club for at least six (6) months.

2. Complied with all the provisions of the Memorandum of Agreement entered into between the club and the NTC.

3. Must have an office and working staff/personnel.

This circular shall take effect immediately and supersedes all existing circular, order or memorandum which is inconsistent herewith.

Adopted: 7 Aug. 1995


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