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(NAR) VOL. 22 NO. 3, JULY - SEPTEMBER 2011

[ DPWH DEPARTMENT ORDER NO. 13, S. 2011, March 14, 2011 ]


To improve the maintenance service delivery to the public, the Regional Directors and District Engineers shall strengthen their maintenance unit to keep all national roads and bridges safe and convenient to the traveling public at all times. In this regard, the following policy and procedural guidelines as well as response times for rectifying defects/deficiencies are hereby prescribed:

1.1 The District Engineers (DEs) shall be directly responsible for the efficient maintenance of all national roads and bridges within their jurisdiction.
1.2 The DEs shall be accountable for the proper expenditure of maintenance funds and in the management of all other resources intended for the repair and maintenance of each road and bridge in their area of concern.
1.3 The Regional Directors shall institute positive measures and closely monitor the performance of DEs to ensure success in the DPWH objective for better roads.
1.4 The practice of assigning Maintenance Area Engineers shall be discontinued. Instead, a Maintenance Point Person (MPP) shall be designated and be held accountable for the upkeep of an assigned stretch of the national road network.
1.5 Response times to rectify roadway defects/deficiencies are hereby prescribed.


The DE shall designate a Maintenance Point Person (MPP) who should be a permanent staff from the Maintenance Section and who shall conduct daily inspection or he road sections including bridges for the purpose of identifying and recording detects and deficiencies. The MPP shall be one occupying the position title of Engineer ". Construction and Maintenance Foreman or Construction and Maintenance Capataz. For urban areas, each MPP will be assigned approximately 30 km and for semi-urban to rural areas, approximately 50 kms.


Everyday the MPP shall keep record of the defects/deficiencies noted, including their location and estimated quantity, using the Daily Road Inspection Report format (Form MP-1). Entries under the column "Defects/Deficiencies" may be codes.

2.3 The MPP shall submit his report daily to the Maintenance Engineer (ME), copy furnished the DE.
2.4 The ME shall schedule the immediate rectification of the noted defects taking note of the response time allowed for each defect.
2.5 At the end of each week, the MPP shall submit to the ME, copy furnished the DE, a Weekly Report on Rectification of Road Defects/Deficiencies using Form MPP-2, indicating the date when the noted defects/deficiencies were rectified.
2.6 At least once a week, the DE shall meet the Maintenance Engineer and MPPs for the purpose of monitoring and evaluating compliance to response time to correct the defects/deficiencies noted.
2.7 The Regional Director, thru his Regional Maintenance Engineer and Regional Maintenance Inspectorate Team, shall conduct, at least weekly, field inspections in /the districts to monitor compliance with this Order.
2.8 The Bureau of Maintenance Inspectorate teams shall also conduct periodic inspection of Region and Districts to monitor compliance to this instruction.
2.9 For the efficient performance of the MPP of his/her duties and responsibilities, a service vehicle shall be provided by the DE for the purpose.

The loist of MPPs indicating name and designation shall be submitted to the Office of the Secretary, thru the Director: Bureau of Maintenance, using Form MP-3, not later than March 31,2011. Whenever there are changes in designation of MPPs, the same form shall be accomplished and submitted, within five (5) days from the effectivity of the change.


The response time for rectifying each defect/deficiency is hereby prescribed as follows:

 CodeDefects/DeficienciesResponse Time
 01Potholes 3 days
 02Alligators cracks 3 days
 03Major scaling 7 days
 04Shoving and corrugation 10 days
 05Pumping and depression 30 days
 06No/faded road markings 3 days
 07Low/inverted shoulder 7 days
 08Lush vegetation 3 days
 09Clogged drains 3 days

Open manhole

2 days

While no response times are prescribed for other maintenance activities, the same should be undertaken as the need arises and within the earliest time possible.

This Order revokes all other issuances which are inconsistent herewith and shall take effect immediately.

Adopted: 14 March 2011

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