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(NAR) VOL. 26 NO. 2/ APRIL - JUNE 2015

[ BOI Operations Order No. SBM-2015-009, April 16, 2015 ]


Adopted: 16 April 2015
Date Filed: 20 April 2015

WHEREAS, foreign nationals with Temporary Visitor’s Visa (TVV) who stayed in the country for six (6) months or more are required to secure an Emigration Clearance Certification (ECC) before they are allowed to depart from the Philippines;

WHEREAS, under present regulations, ECCs are only issued at the Bureau of Immigration (BI) Main Office, through the Alien Registration Division (ARD), and Sub-Port Offices;

WHEREAS, statistics show that the primary reason for deferred departure of foreign nationals is their failure to secure an ECC prior to their intended departure;

WHEREAS, the incidence of deferred departures of foreign nationals shall substantially decrease if BI offices at the international ports of exit are authorized to issued ECCs and will facilitate their travel;

NOW THEREFORE, pursuant to book IV, Chapter 6, sections 29 and 36(2) of Executive Order No. 292, as amended, otherwise known as the “Administrative Code of 1987”, in relation to Section 3 of Commonwealth Act No. 613, as amended, otherwise known as the “Philippine Immigration Act of 1940”, the following rules are hereby ordered:

Section 1. Issuance of ECC at the International Port of Exit. – An Emigration Clearance Certificate may be issued to a foreign national at the international port of exit who:

Is leaving the country within twenty-four (24) hours and with Boarding Pass;
Stayed in the Philippines for six (6) months but not more than one (1) year;
Is a holder of a valid Temporary Visitor’s Visa (TVV);
Has no pending obligation with the Government, its instrumentalities, agencies and subdivisions, and has no pending criminal civil or administrative action which by law requires his presence in the Philippines; and
Is registered under the Alien registration Program (ARP) and was issued a Special security Registration Number (SSRN).

Section 2. Duties of the Airport Operations Division (AOD). – Upon finding that the foreign national qualifies for issuance of ECC under Section 1 hereof, the Airport Operations Division (AOD), through its duly authorized Collecting Officer/ Cashier, shall collect from the foreign national the amount of Seven Hundred Ten Pesos (Php710.00) as ECC Fee and Five Hundred Pesos (Php500.00) as express Lane Fee; Provided, however, that if the ECC Fee was already paid upon the First TVV extension, only the amount of Five Hundred Pesos (Php500.00) as Express Lane Fee shall be collected.

Section 3. Deferred Departure. – A foreign national without an ECC and not qualified for issuance thereof pursuant to Section 1 hereof shall not be cleared for departure and shall be referred to the nearest BI Office authorized to process and issue such ECC.

Section 4. Duty of the Immigration Officer. – The Immigration Officer on primary inspection shall indicate in the Border Control Information System (BCIS) the:

Official Receipt Number/s covering the fees paid at the international port of exit; or
ECC Number issued by the BI Main Office or Sub-Port Offices.

Section 5. Supercession Clause. – All circulars, memoranda, orders and other issuances inconsistent with this Circular are hereby repealed, amended of modified accordingly.

Section 6. Effectivity. – This Order shall take effect fifteen (15) days after publication in a newspaper of general circulation.

Let a copy of this Order be furnished to the Office of the National Administrative Register (ONAR), U.P. Law Center, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City.

City of Manila, Philippines.
16 April 2015

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