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(NAR) VOL. 26 NO. 3/ JULY - SEPTEMBER 2015

[ LTO Administrative Order No. AVT-2015-026, February 18, 2015 ]


Adopted: 18 February 2015
Date Filed: 06 July 2015

Pursuant to Republic Act No. 4136, otherwise known as the Land Transportation and Traffic Code, the following rules and regulations governing the accreditation of physicians and the issuance of medical certificates as mandated under Administrative Order No. RIB-2007-012 are hereby revised as follows:

  1. Accredited Physician - refers to any practicing doctor of medicine duly licensed to practice medicine in the Philippines, who examines applicants for drivers’ and conductors’ licenses and issue medical certificates as proof thereof.

  2. As a prior requirement for the issuance/renewal of a driver’s license, the applicant must submit a Medical Certificate issued by any licensed and practicing physician stating that the applicant is:

    1. Physically and mentally fit to drive;
    2. Has clear eyesight and is not colorblind or otherwise needs proper corrective glasses;
    3. Has clear hearing or otherwise needs a hearing device;
    4. For applicants with the following disabilities:

      1. Orthopedically Impaired

        • For upper limbs – amputated left or right arm with prosthesis.
        • For lower limbs – amputated left or right leg with prosthesis.
        • Post-Poliomyelitis – with one paralyzed leg either left or right.

      2. Partially blind
      3. Speech and Hearing Impaired – person unable to speak but can hear/can partially hear.
      4. Free from highly contagious diseases, (only for professional driver’s license applicants)

      The Medical Certificate shall also indicate the name, address, Professional Tax Receipt (PTR) number and Professional Regulation Commission. (PRC) number of the physician and will be valid only for fifteen (15) days after it was issued.

  3. It is the responsibility of the applicant to submit an authentic and correct Medical Certificate. In the event that an LTO license holder is found to have submitted a forged, falsified, fraudulent or fake medical certificate, the license shall be put on alarm and, thereafter, be revoked, if warranted. The said applicant shall also be disqualified from being granted a driver’s license and driving a motor vehicle for a period of one (1) year from the payment of the fine of Php3,000.00, without prejudice to other appropriate charges under Joint Administrative Order No. 2014-01, Revised Schedule of Fines and Penalties for Violations of Laws, Rules and Regulations Governing Land Transportation and other applicable laws, rules and regulations.


    In case the Accredited Physician has committed any act inimical to the public in relation to the issuance of the Medical Certificate, the LTO may:
    After due notice and hearing, impose any of the following penalties:
    First Offense
    Second Offense
    Php500,000.00 and six (6) months suspension wherein LTO shall not accept any Medical Certificate issued by the guilty Accredited Physician for a period of six (6) months;
    Third Offense
    Perpetual blacklisting, wherein LTO shall no longer accept any Medical Certificate issued by the guilty Accredited Physician.

    The penalties enumerated above are without prejudice to the impositions of other administrative or criminal actions that may be charged against the guilty Accredited Physician.

  5. The existing Committees on Accreditation of Physicians is hereby directed to submit to the undersigned the post audit protocols and guidelines within ten (10) days from issuance hereof and, therefore, as well as conduct periodic audits of all the medical certificates submitted by the applicants.

  6. Any official and/or employee violating this Order shall be subject to appropriate administrative .action in accordance with the existing Civil Service Rules and Regulations.

  7. All prior orders, circulars and memoranda as well as any related issuances or part thereof inconsistent with these provisions are hereby repealed or amended accordingly.


    Should any part hereof be declared unconstitutional or in violation of any existing law, the provisions not so affected shall remain valid and in full force and effect.


    This Order shall take effect fifteen (15) days after its publication in a newspaper of general circulation. 

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Assistant Secretary

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