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[ POEA MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 11 s. 1990, January 12, 1990 ]


In line with the resolution, concurred and agreed upon by the OEI Advisory Committee in a meeting held on December 21, 1989, the following procedures relative to the issuance of new AAC's and such other relevant matters of concern both to the artists/entertainers and agencies in the entertainment industry, are hereby underlined and shall take effect immediately:

1. The A, B and C classification of entertainers is eliminated and shall no longer be reflected in the Artists's Accreditation Certificate (AAC).

2. Manpower Registry Division (MRD) shall provide services for the replacement of old valid PECC cards with the new AAC subject to the following conditions:

  1. The artist/entertainer shall come personally and apply for replacement/renewal of the PECC card;

  2. The old PECC card shall be surrendered to the Manpower Registry Division;

  3. PECC cards expiring in 1990 may be replaced on the 1st quarter of 1990;

  4. PECC cards expiring in 1991/1992 shall be replaced on the 2nd quarter of 1990;

  5. Expired PECC cards issued in 1988 & 1989 respectively, may still be renewed on the 1st quarter of 1990.

Non-renewal by an entertainer of his/her PECC card within the above mentioned prescribed period would result in the automatic cancellation of his/her name in the registry of certified entertainers and subject him/her to reaudition for re-issuance of new AAC.

In the case of entertainers who for reason of fulfilling their contractual obligation/engagement abroad cannot meet the prescribed period set hereof, their application for replacement/renewal of PECC cards shall be considered upon submission of such application within 30 days from date of their arrival and presentation of proof and/or pertinent documents relative to their employment overseas, otherwise, they shall be required to undertake another audition for re-issuance of new AAC.

New Artist Accreditation Certificate (AAC) shall be valid for three years upon replacement/renewal of the card and five years in the case of Artists issued a testimonial accreditation.

Application for replacement of lost/spoiled New AAC shall be undertaken upon submission of prescribed requirements including payment of a fee for reissuance of the new AAC. The validity of re-issued AAC shall cover the unexpired portion only.

Sections of previous issuance inconsistent with the provisions of this Memorandum Circular are hereby repealed and/or modified accordingly.

Please be guided.

Adopted: 12 Jan. 1990


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