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[ POEA MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 14 s. 1990, January 19, 1990 ]


In order to facilitate the registration and processing of contracts of specialized shipboard personnel who are being engaged on board vessels on request by the manning agencies to meet the demands of foreign employers the following guidelines are hereby issued for the information and guidance of all concerned.

These guidelines shall apply to all seafarers/workers who are being contracted and who possess special qualification in non-conventional shipboard position such as technicians, machinists, welders, utility personnel, electricians, stewards, fishermen and others, categorized subsequently under the restricted C3 registry.

Registration Requirements

All seafarers/workers under the above-mentioned category who apply for registration are required to submit the following documents:

  1. Letter request from the hiring company
  2. Contract of employment
  3. Engagement Sheet
  4. Medical Certificates
  5. Certificate of previous employment
  6. If applicable/available

- Seamen's Service Record Book (SSRB)
- Transcript of Records
- Diploma
- Certificate of Training
- Special Order from DECS

Processing Procedures

The following procedures shall be adopted in the processing of contracts of seafarers under the specialized rating category.

1. The licensed agency concerned shall submit to the Seafarers Contract Processing Division (SCPD) a formal request/official transmittal attached to the employment contract together with the basic documents of the seafarer being engaged.

2. SCPD shall determine and declare whether the position being requested is open and shall prepared the proper endorsement to the Manpower Registry Division.

3. Manpower Registry Division (MRD) shall evaluate and verify the documents submitted/to determine whether the seafarers is qualified for registration under the restricted C3 Registry. Registration under the special rating category shall be approved by the Director, WEO.

4. In cases of workers being engaged who are not in possession of Seamen's Service Record Book (SSRB) and whose position onboard has been declared open by SCPD, MRD shall prepare the official endorsement letter to the Commanding Officer, Seamen's Processing and Releasing Unit (SPRU) of the Philippine Coast Guard for issuance of appropriate SSRB. As a matter of policy, endorsement letters/pertinent documents shall be released to applicant seamen and /or duly authorized representative of the agency. Newly issued SSRB shall be presented to Manpower Registry Division with pertinent documents for registration purposes.

5. Duly registered SSRB/approval C3 certificate shall be endorsed to SCPD for documentary processing of seafarer's travel documents. Inter-office handling of documents for this purpose shall be done only by the officially designated courier.

6. The MRD and SCPD shall prepare regular monthly report of registration and contract processing respectively of seafarers under the C3 category.

A worker who is being engaged onboard vessel on a "name hire" concept shall submit his employment contract to the Seabased Accreditation Division (SAD) for proper verification and approval.

The employment contract together with the accreditation document shall then be submitted to the SCPD for action and/or proper endorsement.

Sections of previous issuances inconsistent with the provision of this Memorandum Circular are hereby repealed and/or modified accordingly.

This Memorandum Circular takes effect 01 February 1990.

Adopted: 19 Jan. 1990


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