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(NAR) VOL. 5 NO. 3 / JULY - SEPTEMBER 1994

[ POEA DEPARTMENT ORDER NO. 3-D, s.1994, September 06, 1994 ]


Further to Department Order Nos. 3 and 3-A, series of 1994, the following additional guidelines are hereby promulgated:

1. All performing artists bound for Japan shall receive a salary of not less than US$600.00 per month. For other countries of destination, the prevailing rates in the host countries shall be considered.

2. A document that shall embody the schedule of authorized deductions shall be co-signed by the artist, his Talent Manager and Licensed Agency and appended to the employment contract of the artist.

Authorized deductions shall cover the following:

a. Talent Manager's Commission
b. Licensed Agency Fee
c. Government Tax (if required by the host country)

3. Foreign principals and licensed agencies who shall not comply with the minimum monthly salary as prescribed herein shall be subject to the following penalties:

First Offense : Warning and payment of salary differential.

Second Offense : Suspension of documentary processing for one (1) month and payment of salary differential.

Third Offense : Suspension of documentary processing for six (6) months and payment of salary differential.

4. The Entertainment Industry Advisory Council (EIAC) shall conduct an annual review of the salary and employment benefits package for performing artists and shall submit to the Secretary of Labor and Employment the appropriate recommendations relative thereto.

For strict compliance.

Adopted: September 6, 1994


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