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[ MTRCB, September 26, 1994 ]


"G" General Patronage or Pang Pamilya — all ages admitted

Films classified "G" are films that do not contain material, whether in theme, language, nudity and sex or violence, which in the judgment of the Board, would be offensive to parents whose minor children are to view the film.

a. Theme — Wholesome, with positive values.

b. Language — Obscene language and cuss words are not allowed.

c. Nudity and Sex — None at all.

d. Violence — Must be kept to a minimum and must not cause alarm or distress to children.

No drug and/or alcohol use. No suicide, no euthanasia.

"PG 7" Parental Guidance 7 or Pambata for Ages 7 and up, Provided that
Children Between the Ages of 7 and 12 Must Be Accompanied by an adult

Films classified "PG 7" may contain some material which, in the judgment of the Board, parents may consider unsuitable for viewing by children under 7 years of age.

a. Language — Mild and frequent use of expletives when used in context may be allowed. Obscene language and cuss words are not allowed.

b. Nudity and Sex — Discreet indications or references of sensuality in the context of a normal and healthy family life may be allowed.

c. Violence — Mild forms of violence are allowed if appropriate to the storyline. No graphic, gratuitous, bloody depictions.

No drug and/or alcohol use. Only discreet reference to suicide or euthanasia is allowed.

"PG 13" — Parental Guidance or Pang Tineydyer for ages 13 and up,
with no need of an adult companion

Films classified "PG 13" may contain some material which may be inappropriate for children under 13 years of age. These are films that leap beyond the boundaries of the "PG 7" rating but does not quite fit within the restricted R category.

a. Language — Use of intermittent cuss words but not in a sexual content shall be allowed.

Obscene language shall not be permitted.

b. Nudity and Sex — Some nudity that is germane to the storyline but not sexually oriented shall be allowed.

Discreet indications or reference to sensuality shall be permitted.

c. Violence — Must not be rough or persistent.

Inexplicit drug use or content will be allowed but must not be depicted favorably.

Suicide shall not be depicted explicitly nor favorably.

"R 18" — For Adults Only or Pang Wastong Gulang —
for persons 18 years of age and over.

Films classified "R 18" contain definite adult material but does not mean obscene or pornographic.

a. Language — Hard or profane language may be present but not prevalent.

b. Nudity and Sex — Brief nudity with sensual scenes may be allowed if germane to the storyline.

Explicit sex scenes shall not be allowed.

c. Violence — Hard but not excessive violence may be present.

There may be drug abuse but never portrayed favorably.

No overly explicit scenes of suicide.

"X" Disapproval or Bawal

Films classified "X" are films that, in the judgment of the Board, are immoral, indecent, contrary to law and/or good custom and/or which pose a clear and present danger to public order, or any other legitimate public interest, such as but not limited to:

i. Those which advocate subversion, insurrection, rebellion or sedition against the State.

ii. Those which glorify criminals or condone and/or encourage the commission of crimes;

iii. Those which encourage or abet the traffic in and use of prohibited drugs;

iv. Those which serve no other purpose but to satisfy the market for violence or pornography.

Adopted: 26 Sept. 1994

Chairman, MTRCB

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