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(NAR) VOL. 25 NO. 3 / JULY - SEPTEMBER 2014

[ OTS MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 01, April 01, 2014 ]


Adopted: 01 April 2014
Date Filed: 12 August 2014

Pursuant to Executive Order No. 277 (Jan 2004) as amended by E.O. No. 311 dated 26 April 2004; Chapter Chapter XI-2 IMO-SOLAS 1974; the IMO-SPS Code; The National Security Program for Sea Transport and Maritime lnfrastructure (NSPSTMI) and OTS Transportation Security Regulation (OTSTSR) No. 011-2007 dated October 1, 2007 in compliance with the functional requirements set forth on 1.3.7 of the ISPS Code requiring training, drills and exercises to ensure familiarity with security plans and procedures, the OTS adopts the following guidelines pertaining to the certification of maritime security instructors.


To ensure that only Certified Maritime Security lnstructor shall conduct maritime security training based on maritime security standards.


This Memorandum Circular (MC) applies to all Maritime Security lnstructors (MSl), training instructors/individuals on maritime security involved in or responsible for the conduct of maritime security training in the Philippines.


Certification Jury (CJ) - the panel to conduct oral examination or interview with the applicants; composed of OTS officer/personnel from Maritime Security Bureau (MTSB), and Institute for Transportation Security Training and Studies (ITSTS); and headed by the Administrator, OTS or his duly appointed representative.

Certificate of Continuing Training -a formal re-evaluation and re-confirmation by the OTS that a person possesses the required competencies for a maritime security instructor to teach a specific course/s based on OTS National Training Standard.

Interim Certification - a formal evaluation and confirmation by or on behalf of the appropriate authority for maritime security that a person possesses the necessary competencies of a Maritime Security Instructor as defined by the appropriate authority, which shall be valid for a period of six (6) months,

Maritime Security Instructor - a person duly certified by OTS to possess the required competencies and qualified to teach maritime security course.

Maritime Security Instructor Certificate (MSIC) - a written evaluation and confirmation issued by the OTS to a person who possesses the required competencies and qualification of a maritime security instructor.

Oral Examination - an evaluation process which tests the communication skills of an applicant through an interview conducted by the Certification Jury.

Practical Examination - an evaluation process wherein applicants undertake actual demonstration of skills and knowledge in teaching maritime security courses based on the course content.

Recurrency Training - a maritime security training course for maritime security instructor aimed to keep him/her fully up-to-date in terms of knowledge, skills, abilities and preparedness on the course/s he/she intends to teach or be recertified.

Theoretical Examination - an evaluation process wherein applicants take a written examination for Maritime Security Instructor based on the course content, taking into account national and international regulations.


4.1 Certification. The mandatory requirements for certification are as follows:

4.1.1 Applicant must possess the following pre-qualification standards:

a. Satisfactory completion of relevant tertiary education, supported by diploma/certificate of completion;
b. Completion of pertinent maritime security training course as the course subject for certification;
c. Minimum of three (3) year teaching experience in the field of maritime security/security training, supported by relevant documents;
d. Knowledge of the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code, National Security Program for Sea Transport and Maritime Infrastructure (NSPSTMI); and
e. Satisfactory outcome of background investigation.

4.1.2 Applicant must submit a written request for certification, stating a specific maritime security/security training course he/she intends to teach, appending thereto the following documents:

a. Resume
b. Certified true copy of any maritime security training certificate, showing the training course/s attended, particularly the training.course being applied for certification;
c. Certificate of teaching experience in the field of maritime security;
d. Copy of maritime instruction course material/ documents/ syllabus relative to course for certification.

4.1.3 Upon completion of all documentary requirements, applicant shall take and must pass the mandatory three-phased examination: theoretical, practical and oral examination. A minimum rating of 85% is required to pass the above examinations. If the applicant fails to pass/complete any or all of the mandatory examinations, he/she shall be given a single chance to take it/them again, within one month from the date of last examination.

4.2 The model courses program for maritime security instructors by International Maritime Organizations (IMO) and OTS National training Standards shall be used in training the applicants;

4.3 A certified maritime instructor/training personnel may request further certification of additional/other course/s, provided he/she undergoes the same process under 4.1

4.4 The Certification Jury decides the issuance of instructor's certification, which shall be valid for three (3) years.

4.5 Expiring or expired certification can be renewed subject to the re- certification requirements described as follows:

4.5.1 All security instructors must undergo recurrent training in maritime security and the latest security development every two (2) years.

4.5.2 An expired/expiring MSIC may be renewed within one (1) month prior to its expiration date, by filing with the Administrator, OTS a letter-request for renewal, together with the following documents:

a. Copy of certificate/s of continuing training in maritime security or other refresher course on training methodology during validity of holder's' certification as security instructor; and

b. Documentation on courses taught as maritime security instructor during the validity of the certification, with at least 360 hours of instruction.

4.6 The OTS shall notify the applicant for re-certification of the result of his application, upon deliberation by the Certification Jury. Only those who passed the re-certification process shall be eligible to conduct the specific training course.

4.7 In recognition of maritime security instructors, who have successfully completed maritime security course from duly recognized national and international maritime security organizations prior to the effectivity of this Circular, they are granted an entitlement to apply for an interim certification as a maritime security instructor for specific course. The Certification Jury decides on this application.

4.8 The ITSTS assists the Certification Jury in the assessment and determination of the eligibility of the applicant for interim instructor's certification. However, applicant for instructor's certification may be requested by the Certification Jury to deliver a teaching demonstration on a specific training module.

4.9 Certification issued to a maritime security instructor will be cancelled, rescinded or revoked if the holder is found guilty of an administrative, civil, or criminal offense.


This Memorandum Circular shall take effect upon approval and publication in the newspaper of general circulation.


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