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[ MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 09-18, March 08, 2018 ]


Adopted: 15 February 2018
Date Filed: 08 March 2018

Pursuant to Section 35(i)[1]  of Republic Act No. 9497, the use of Aerobridges shall be hereinafter be mandatory in all airports where said Aerobridges are available.

The availability of the Aerobridge facilities shall be upon the advice of Air Traffic Services, which shall thereafter be complied with.

All commercial air carriers are hereby ordered to utilize the Aerobridge facilities in loading and/or offloading of passengers.

The concerned  airport manager shall monitor the compliance  of this Order and report any violations  of commercial  air carriers  in relation to the refusal and/or failure  to  use  the  Aerobridges. Each  reported  violation  of  this  Memorandum Circular, such as refusal and/or failure to use of the Aerobridges when advised to be available, shall result in the following assessment:
First (1st) violation – Fifty Thousand Pesos (PhP50,000.00)

Second   (2nd)  violation   and  any  succeeding   violations   –  One  Hundred Thousand Pesos (PhP100,000.00), for every reported violation.
The assessment against any erring commercial air carrier shall be payable to this Authority, pursuant to Section 82$  of Republic Act No. 9497.

All circulars, orders, and/or memoranda in conflict herewith are hereby rescinded, amended, or modified accordingly. This Memorandum Circular shall take effect immediately after publication in two (2) newspapers of general circulation, and a copy thereof shall be filed with the U.P. Law Center – Office of the National Administrative Register (ONAR), U.P. Diliman, Quezon City.

Done this 15th day of February 2018. Pasay City, Philippines.

Director General

[1] Sec. 35. Powers and Functions of the Director General – The Director General shall be the chief executive and operating officer of the Authority. He shall have the following powers, duties, and responsibilities:


(i) To provide for the enforcement of the rules and regulations issued under the provisions of this Act and to conduct investigation for violations thereto. xxx
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