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[ ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 06, January 31, 2018 ]


Adopted: 01 December 2017
Date Filed: 31 January 2018

In accordance with the Memorandum of Executive Secretary Salvador C. Medialdea   dated  6  November   2017  instructing   Undersecretary   Rosalina   L. Bistoyong  as  Officer-in-Charge  of  the  Department  “  to  conduct  an  extensive review  of  DAR  Administrative   Order  No.  5  (s.  2017)  in  consultation   with stakeholders,  therefrom,  including  the adoption  of provisional  measures  should the OIC find it necessary to suspend or defer its implementation,”  and based on the inputs in the said review of the stakeholders  as well as the members of the Policy Formulation and Review Committee (PRFC), the following specific and provisional measures shall take effect, thus:

ARTICLE I. Suspension of Paragraph IV-B of DAR Administrative Order No. 5 (s. 2017)
The following provision is hereby suspended, thus:
“The  submission  or filing  of a Petition  for Protest  of Coverage  and/or Petition or Manifestation for Exemption or Exclusion shall not stop the continuation   or  completion   of  the  LAD  process  which  includes  the installation of Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries (ARBs)”.
ARTICLE II. Suspension  of Paragraph  IV-C of DAR Administrative  Order No. 5 (s. 2017).
The following provision is hereby suspended, thus:

“Despite the pendency of a Protest Against Coverage, a Petition for Exemption  or  Exclusion,  or  other  agrarian  law  implementation   (ALI) case, the LAD shall continue until all the identified ARBs have been successfully installed on the awarded land, unless otherwise suspended by the Secretaty  thru a Cease and Desist Order (CDO) or Status Quo Order or by the Supreme Court (SC) thru Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) or Preliminary Injunction”.
ARTICLE III. Suspension of Paragraph IV-E of DAR Administrative  Order No. 5 (s. 2017).
The following provision is hereby suspended, thus:

“The filing of applications for conversion or the pendency of conversion proceedings shall not forestall the LAD process. Thus, all applications for conversion,  involving      agricultural  lands  or  pending  acquisition proceedings,  shall  be  immediately  denied  to  give  way  for  the  LAD Process”.
ARTICLE IV. Suspension of Paragraph IV-G of DAR Administrative  Order No. 5 (s. 2017).
The following provision is hereby suspended, thus:

“In   the event that   the   Secretary   revoked   an   existing   Exemption, Exclusion or Conversion Order, the DAR shall immediately proceed with the LAD process up to installation notwithstanding the pendency of an appeal with the Office of the President (OP) or court unless suspended otherwise by the Secretary, OP or the SC”.
ARTICLE V. Scope of Suspension
The aforequoted  provisions  shall remain suspended  unless recalled  by this Office. All other provisions of DAR Administrative Order No. 5 series of 2017 shall remain in force and effect.
ARTICLE VI. Mode and Scope of Review
The PRFC shall convene and undertake the consultation  and review of the policy enunciated  in the said Administrative  Order and shall ensure the  involvement   of  the  DAR  field  officials,  the  CARP  implementing agencies as well as the stakeholders from the landowners sector and the sector of agrarian reform beneficiaries in the review process.
The PRFC shall submit its final recommendations  on the review of DAR Administrative  Order No. 5 (s. 2017) to this Office on or before 1 March
ARTICLE VIII. Separability Clause
If, for any reason, any section or provision of this Act is declared unconstitutional or invalid, the other sections of provisions not affected thereby shall remain in full force and effect.
ARTICLE IX. Effectivity Clause
This  Administrative   Order  shall  take  effect  ten  (10)  days  after  its publication in two (2) national newspapers of general circulation.

OIC- Secretary
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