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[ LEB MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 13, S. 2018, March 20, 2018 ]


Adopted: 15 March 2018
Date Filed: 20 March 2018

In  accordance  with  the  provisions  of  Republic  Act  No.  7662  entitled  the “Legal  Education  Reform  Act  of  1993,”  and  pursuant  to  LEB  Resolution  No. 2018-204  adopted  during  the  81st  En  Banc  meeting  of  the  Legal  Education Board (LEB) on February 13, 2018, these guidelines in the conduct of summer classes are hereby issued:
1)   General policy - Consistent with the academic freedom enjoyed by all higher education institutions,  the Legal Education  Board (LEB) hereby affirms that law  schools  may  offer  classes  in  the  summer  term,  subject  only  to  the parameters prescribed herein.

2)   Coverage - This Memorandum Order shall govern the offering by law schools in the summer term of classes not scheduled to be regularly offered in the summer term pursuant to the law curriculum approved by the LEB.

3)   Permit to conduct summer classes - Law schools shall first obtain a permit from the LEB before conducting classes in the summer term. No credit shall be earned for classes conducted in the summer term without a permit from the LEB.

4)   Summer term duration - The summer term shall consist of not less than six (6) consecutive weeks, inclusive of legal and special holidays, and days for midterm and final examinations and special activities.

5)   Maximum academic load - The maximum academic load that a student can enroll in during  the summer  term shall be nine (9) units. In no case shall overload be allowed.

6)   Number of class hours - In all classes offered during the summer term, the required minimum number of hours for lecture and practicum/apprenticeship subjects per credit unit as prescribed in LEB Memorandum No. 10, Series of
2017 shall be satisfied.

7)   Application period - All applications  for permit to offer or conduct classes in the summer term shall be filed with the LEB not later than fifteen (15) days before the scheduled start of the summer term. The period shall be counted from  the  date  of  actual  receipt  of  the  written  application  by  the  LEB. Applications not acted upon by the LEB shall be presumed approved by the LEB after the lapse of the 15-day period, without prejudice to adjustments or corrections that the LEB may actually direct.

8)   Application  form  and  contents  - The  application  shall  be  filed  in triplicate copies  using  the  form  prescribed  by  the  Chairman  of the  LEB,  and  shall contain the following information:
a)   Title of the subjects to be offered;
b)   Academic weight of each of the subjects;
c)   Class days and time schedules of every subject; and d)   Total class hours of each subject.
9)   Required signatories - All applications shall be prepared and signed by the Registrar, countersigned by the Dean of the law school, and noted by the President  (or  the  substitute  authorized  to  act  in  his/her  absence)  of  the higher education institution to which the law school forms part of.

10) Recommended  offerings - Due to the limited duration of the summer term, only elective  subjects,  and subjects  with two (2) units  or lesser  academic units  or  lesser  academic  weight  are  recommended  to  be  offered  in  the summer term.
11) Incomplete  application  - Applications  received  with incomplete  information, or not signed by all the required signatories, or not in proper form shall not be deemed filed and will not be processed.

12) Penalty clause - The following violations of this Memorandum Order shall be imposed the penalty indicated:
a)   The  filing  of an  application  after  the  prescribed  deadline  in Section  7 above shall be imposed a fine of P100 per day of delay; and

b)   Any violation of Sections 3, 4, 5, or 6 above shall be considered  as an unlawful act of a law school and imposed the penalty provided in Section 32  of LEB  Memorandum  Order  No.  2, and/or  a fine  of not  less  than P5,000 but not more than P50,000.
13) Effectivity - This Memorandum Order shall become effective fifteen (15) days after its publication  in a newspaper  of general circulation  and deposit of its copy   in  the  National   Administrative   Register   of  the  University   of  the Philippines Law Center.
Issued under the seal of the Legal Education Board this March 15, 2018 in Quezon City, Philippines.

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