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MOP, Bk 12 Pt. 1, v.5, 377

[ ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 143, August 25, 1994 ]


WHEREAS, one of the objectives of the transport sector under the Medium Term Philippine Development Plan (MTPDP) is the strengthening of the interregional and urban-rural linkages to ensure people’s mobility and continuous flow of goods and services by promoting multi-modal transport system;

WHEREAS, the Bicol region has inadequate transportation facilities and services to support its productive sectors (i.e., industry, and agriculture) and its Tourism Projects which is one (1) of the Flagship Projects identified by the President;

WHEREAS, there is no direct commercial sea traffic between Manila and Bicol, and for Bicol to Cebu;

WHEREAS, Executive Order No. 185, dated 28 June 1994, among others: seeks to open-up all routes and to encourage entry into developmental routes;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, FIDEL V. RAMOS, President of the Republic of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby order:

Section 1. Organization. - There is hereby created an Inter-Agency Committee to study the feasibility of providing ferry services, passengers and cargo, for the Manila-Bicol-Masbate-Cebu route (hereinafter called the “Committee”).

Section 2. Composition. - The Committee shall be composed of the following:

Chairman – Sr. Dep. Exec. Secretary Leo A. Quisumbing
Vice-Chairman – Gen. Manager of Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA)
Members – Administrator of National Mapping Resource and Information Authority (NAMRIA);
  – Undersecretary of DPWH for Technical Services;
  – General Manager of Philippine Ports Authority (PPA);
  – Representative of Presidential Committee on Flagship Programs and Projects;
  – Representative of the Masbate Economic Development Council.

Section 3. Duties and Responsibilities. - The Committee shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

a) To study the feasibility of providing ferry services for passengers and cargo for the Manila-Bicol-Masbate-Cebu route;
b) To select the most advantageous ports to be served;
To coordinate with the concerned national government agencies, local government units and non-governmental organizations on matters concerning the study; and
d) To recommend to the President appropriate actions necessary for the implementation of the results of the study.

Section 4. Technical and Administrative Support. - The Committee shall organize its Secretariat, the composition of which shall be drawn from the member agencies.

Section 5. Submission of the Final Report. - The Committee shall submit its final report to the President on or before 31 October 1994.

Section 6. Funding. - The amount of ONE MILLION PESOS (P1,000,000.00) is hereby authorized to be set aside from the Contingent Fund of the President for the operating expenses of the Committee.

Section 7. Effectivity. - This Administrative Order shall take effect immediately.

DONE, in the City of Manila, this 25th day of August, in the year of Our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Ninety Four.

President of the Philippines

By the President:
Executive Secretary

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