[ SUGAR ORDER NO. 5, January 25, 2018 ]


Adopted: 25 January 2018
Date Filed: 25 January 2018

WHEREAS,   Sugar Order No. 3, series of 2016-2017  provides for the systems and procedures for the regulation of imported High Fructose Corn Syrup and Pure/Crystalline Fructose as defined therein;

WHEREAS,  the  same  Sugar  Order  explicitly  authorizes  SRA  to  classify  all imported fructose as “B” or Domestic, “C” or Reserved and “D” as World Market fructose  prior  to their  release  from  BOC,  as  the  existing  demand  and  supply situation so warrants;

WHEREAS,    the country’s   industrial  sector  which  imports   and utilizes  about 90%  of  HFCS,  now  reconciles  the  use  of  HFCS  and/or  local  sugar  in  the manufacture   of   their      products,   from   their   own   business   and   economic standpoint;

WHEREAS, SRA has received several requests to export their advance booked imported fructose currently held by the BOC;

WHEREAS,  it behooves upon SRA to provide the rules and procedures  for the export   of “D” fructose  to ensure that such fructose  classified  as “D” would be shipped out and do not find their way to local market destination;

NOW, THEREFORE,  premises  considered,  and by virtue of the powers vested upon SRA, the following rules and procedures for the export of “D” fructose are promulgated effective immediately.

SECTION  1.   Application  Letter to Export Fructose  - Sworn application by the owner/applicant  or exporter to export fructose shall be filed at Regulation Department   of  SRA,  Quezon  City     and  must  indicate  the  following   initial information:
1. Reason for export
2. Quantity of fructose (MT or kilo)
3. CIF Values in US$
4. Tentative date of export
5. Port of  Origin
6. Port of Destination
SECTION  2. Issuance  of SRA Clearance  to Release  of Fructose  from BOC - Upon SRA’s validation and approval of application to export fructose, SRA shall  immediately  cause  the  issuance  of  clearance  for  release  from  BOC  of fructose already with “D” or World Market fructose classification, to ease-out the importer/consignee from the burden of accumulated storage fees in   BOC stockyards.

SECTION  3. Issuance  of Export  Clearance  of “D” fructose.  SRA  shall only  process  the  application  for  export  clearance  with  the  submission  of  the following :

1. Application to export “D” fructose with the following final information:
a. Quantity of Fructose b. CIF Value in US$
c. Name and Address of Consignee d. Name of Vessel
e. Port of Loading f. Date of Loading g. Destination
h. No. of Container Van/s i.  Date of Departure
2. Sole ( if the importer/applicant  or exporter are one and the same) or Joint (if they are of different personalities) Sworn Affidavit of Undertaking to export “D” fructose,  stipulating  all  of  the  above  information  in  the  Deed,  with  particular emphasis on date of loading.

3. Payment of Clearance Fee of P50.00/MT

SECTION 4. Monitoring of “D” fructose Movements - The “D” fructose released from BOC by virtue of SRA clearance shall be stored in SRA-accredited warehouse  or  registered  container  yard  and  should  always  be  available  for inspection by SRA as provided by SO#3, until such time that the “D” fructose is actually exported.

The exporter of “D” fructose must inform SRA Three (3) days ahead of
the actual date of loading “D” fructose for export, so that all activities at the port of loading can be properly monitored.

SECTION  5.    Post-Export  Reportorial  Requirements  -  The  exporter, within  fifteen  (15) days  from  date  of export  shall  submit  to SRA  the following reports and documents, as proof of ship-out/export of “D” fructose.
1.  Bill of Lading
2. Packing List
3. Export declarations
4. Outward Manifest
5. Commercial Invoice
6. Other documents that SRA may require as basis of actual export
SECTION   6.  Penalty  Provisions   -  For  any  or  all  of  the  violations stipulated in this Sugar Order and in the Deed of Undertakings,  the exporter of “D”  fructose shall be subject to the penalty/ies in accordance with SRA Book of Penalties, including, but not limited to revocation of trading license for any proven violation of the Sugar Order.

SECTION 7. Effectivity - This Sugar Order shall take effect after fifteen (15) days from its publication.



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