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Chief Justice

Chief Justice Ramon Q. Avancena

Tenure: --- - 1941
Appointed by: Wilson

Birthdate: April 13, 1872
Died: June 12, 1957
Place of Birth: Molo, Iloilo

  1. Bachelor of Arts, Colegio de San Juan de Letran
  2. Bachelor of Laws, University of Santo Tomas,1898
Professional Career:
  1. Legal Adviser, Revolutionary Govt. of Iloilo, Antique and Capiz
  2. Commissioner, Revolutionary Govt.
  3. Assistant Attorney, Bureau of Justice
  4. Auxiliary Judge, 1905
  5. Attorney-General, 1914
  6. Associate Justice, Supreme Court
  7. Chief Justice, Supreme Court, 1926
  8. Retired in 1941

About him:
  1. Chief Justice Ramon AvanceƱa, a man of great distinction and unblemished integrity, served the Supreme Court for more than 24 years. He contributed immensely in enriching Philippine jurisprudence.
  2. A great jurist and profound scholar whose life is devoted to the just interpretation of the law, he exemplified the true and illustrious leaders of his time. All his years in the public service are guided by an unwavering sense of dedication to public duty. His decisions are milestones in Philippine jurisprudence.
  3. He is master of both civil and criminal law and is much respected by his colleagues. Trained in a school of thought given to philosophical disquisitions and dissertations, than to the practical aspects of a controversial issue, he at times different with the thinking of his associates in the High Court. Whenever he did, his dissents showed lucidity of exposition and brilliancy of judgment. His most precious achievements in his office were his painstaking labor to enrich the field of jurisprudence with his fecund ideas.

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