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[ LTFRB MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 98-008, February 17, 1998 ]


Pursuant to DOTC Dept. Order No. 98-1127 (An Order Providing Additional Types of Public Transport Service and/or Modifying Certain Provisions of Dept. Order No. 97-1097, the following type of service is hereby introduced:

"10. Mega Taxi

Vehicle Type      -Asian Utility Vehicle (AUV), Van
Seating Capacity-7 to 14 including driver consistent with the maximum payload capacity of the vehicle 
                           and  space availability for cargoes.
Route                 -No fixed route within a specified area.
Ventilation          -Ordinary or Airconditioned
Fare                   -Minimum rate plus fee per unit distance and unit time as authorized and as measured
                          by a duly calibrated taxi meter.
In the meantime, however, in view of the present moratorium on the acceptance of new applications for franchises to operate public utility vehicles as imposed under Memorandum Circulars No. 97-009 and 97-009-A, only petitions for conversion into Mega Taxi of subsisting Certificates of Public Convenience of AUV’s, e.g. FXs and Hi-landers, vans, used as Taxis, Garage, Rent-A-Car, Limousine services, etc. will be accepted for consideration, after payment of the required filing fees of P 430.00 for the first five (5) units and P 35.00 for each additional unit in excess of 5. Operators concerned are given time up to 31 March 1998 within which to avail themselves of the conversion privilege. The validity of the converted CPC shall be the same as its original expiry date.

To distinguish the type of service herein introduced from the regular 4-door sedan taxis, operators shall display on the arced toplight of the vehicles the words "MEGA TAXI" which shall also be painted on the outside on both rear doors of the vehicle.

Operators of units not yet converted into Mega Taxis, as of 31 March 1998, shall be deemed to have opted to continue operating under their original franchises, and therefore, shall continue to observe strictly the terms and conditions of their CPCs.

This Memorandum Circular takes effect on 23 February 1998.

Adopted: 17 Feb. 1998


Board Member

Board Member

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