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(NAR) VOL. 12 NO. 1 / JANUARY - MARCH 2001

[ DECS ORDER NO. 4, S. 2001, January 19, 2001 ]


1.         In line with the decentralization of personnel management functions, the authority of the Regional Directors and Schools Division Superintendents on certain personnel management functions are hereby further revised as follows:
a.      The Regional Directors are hereby authorized:

1.      To approve the appointments, promotions, reemployment, reappointment, renewal, reassignments, reinstatements, details and secondment of the following personnel:

—      Those in the regional office occupying Level I and II positions or for appointment to these positions;

—      Those assigned to organizational units and schools performing regional functions such as the Regional Science High Schools and the Regional Learning Materials Centers (RLMCs); and

—      Those occupying Principal III and IV positions or for appointment to these positions.

  (See Annex 1 for listing of positions)

2.      To approve requests for study, vacation, sick, maternity, paternity, special leaves, and terminal leaves of the above mentioned personnel with or without pay;

3.      To approve resignations and dropping from the rolls of the abovementioned personnel; and

4.      To process requests for reclassification, upgrading and conversion of positions and other related matters in the region and the concerned division offices.
b.         The Schools Division Superintendents are hereby authorized:

1.         To approve appointments, promotions, transfers, reemployment, reappointments, reinstatements, renewal, reassignments, details, and secondment of teachers and personnel of the schools division occupying Levels I and II positions or for appointment to these positions, except Principals III and IV. (See Annex 2 for listing of positions).

As a temporary procedure prior to full delegation, for appointments to positions exercising management and supervisory functions, the Superintendent shall submit a short list of applicants/candidates to a vacant position and the name of the proposed appointee to the Regional Director for review before an appointment is issued.  The short list shall be prepared in accordance with the selection procedure contained in DECS Orders Nos. 8 and 54, s. 1993 and CSC rules and regulations.  All documentary requirements such as CSC Form 212, service records, transcript of records, etc. of the applicant/candidates included in the short list shall also be submitted.

The Regional Director shall review the proposed appointments within fifteen (15) days from receipt.  If the Regional Director provides no feedback within this period, the Superintendent shall proceed with the appointments.

If the Regional Director finds the proposed appointments of the Superintendent in order, the latter shall then cause the preparation of the appointment for his/her signature and submit such to the CSC Field Office.  Any adverse feedback concerning a proposed appointee should be discussed with the Superintendent and a decision agreed upon within fifteen (15) days.

2.         To approve requests for study, vacation, sick, maternity, paternity, special leaves, forced leaves/mandatory, terminal leaves of above personnel, with or without pay; and

3.         To approve resignations and dropping from the rolls of the abovementioned personnel.

2.         The Secretary, in the exercise of his/her power of control and supervision of the Department, shall review, revise or set aside any such action/recommendation by the Regional Directors and Schools Division Superintendents whenever necessary.

3.         Any provisions of DECS Order No. 50, s. 1999 and other existing DECS issuances inconsistent with this DECS Order are deemed superseded.

4.         This Order shall take effect immediately.

Adopted: 19 Jan. 2001

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