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(NAR) VOL. III NO. 2 / APRIL - JUNE 1992

[ POEA MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 29 S. 1992, April 28, 1992 ]


Please be informed that the incentive package consisting of the following shall be made available to the recipients of the POEA Performance Awards of 1990, which include Top Performers, Hall of Fame awardees and recipients of Awards of Distinction.

In recognition of their efforts for consistently maintaining exemplary performance, the recipients of Awards of Distinction shall enjoy the following additional incentives:

1. An open job order for its accredited principals at awardees' option;

2. Post deployment processing in the landbased sector and subject to the visa processing requirements of the host country;

3. An additional liaison officer upon request;

4. Two (2) alternate signatories in addition to the allowable five (5);

5. Advice to the respective foreign principals and all foreign embassies that agencies are awardees.

Moreover, the incentive package for all 1990 awardees shall consist of the following:

1. Automatic renewal of license - Upon submission of an undertaking that completion of other requirements shall be done within sixty (60) days from date of application, renewed license shall be release within three (3) days from receipt by the Office of the Secretary of the memorandum recommending approval of the license.

2. Deferred submission of complete requirements for authority to conduct provincial recruitment or nursing job fairs.

3. One day accreditation/approval of job fairs:

a. Full accreditation shall be granted within a day upon request

b. Simplification of accreditation requirements

c. Approval of job orders within the day

4. Expeditious contract processing - The Employment Contracts Processing Branch shall ensure that all transactions of the 1990 awardees are finished within the day thru the gold express processing.

5. Automatic inclusion in the client referral service of the Marketing Branch.

6. Inclusion in the POEA quarterly publication of license/authorized companies published in the leading dailies of a list of awardees.

7. Issuance of special "Gold ID cards" to the liaison officers of 1990 awardees to identify them and to ensure the above benefits are duly accorded.

8. Availment of all POEA marketing missions and promotions program

9. Invitation to POEA marketing missions and promotions program.

10. Access to marketing Branch data bank.

11. Assured publicity – (a) Inclusion in relevant POEA press releases.

12. Issuance of a car pass to enable the awardees to use the parking area in the basement of the POEA building.

The affidavits to be accomplished for deferred companies shall be made available by all concerned POEA units.  It is understood, however, that continuous enjoyment of said deferred submission may be suspended by these units until the company is able to comply.

Only awardees listed in the attached list shall be entitled to the abovementioned incentive package until a new set of awardees shall have been named.  Gold IDs of liaison officers of previous Top Performers not included in the list shall be immediately surrendered to the Licensing and Regulation Office.

Finally, it is understood that the continued enjoyment of the above enumerated privileges are subject to the awardees' faithful compliance with POEA Rules and Regulations and other issuances of the Administration.

This Circular takes effect immediately.

Adopted: 1992

Deputy Administrator and
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