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(NAR) VOL. 12 NO. 1 / JANUARY - MARCH 2001

[ OWWA MEMORANDUM OF INSTRUCTIONS NO. 001, S. 2001, January 02, 2001 ]


A. Coverage

Pursuant to Executive Order No. 195, and its implementing rules and regulations, and to ensure the adequate protection to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) as mandated under Presidential Decree No. 1694, as amended by Presidential Decree No. 1809, all OFWs recruited for employment abroad shall be compulsorily covered by the Medical Care Program for Overseas Filipino Workers and their dependents.

All departing OFWs under the following classification shall be covered by this issuance:

1. Workers recruited and placed by licensed land-based and manning agencies

2. Workers deployed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA)-Government Placement Branch

3. Direct Hires/Name Hires

4. Balik-Manggagawa (vacationing OFWs) whose program coverage is due for renewal

B. Exemption

1. The compulsory coverage, however, shall not apply to OFWs who are active members of PHIC.  OFWs seeking exemption from the Medical Care Program for OFWs should show proof of payment to PHIC of the annual contribution of Nine Hundred Pesos (P900.00).

2. Other documentary requirements:
  1. OFWs who are processing their travel documents themselves shall present the following documents:

    •      PHIC Bank receipt showing annual contribution

  2. OFWs processing their travel documents through the recruitment agency shall submit the following documents:

    •      Endorsement Letter signed by the authorized officer of the agency (i.e. General Manager or President)

    •      A copy of POEA's request for Processing, and

    •      PHIC Bank Receipt showing annual contribution

  3. OFWs who are PHIC members and are paying Medicare premium through Automatic Debit Arrangement (ADA) shall submit the following documents as proof of payment in lieu of the Official Receipt:

    •      Photocopy of the Bank Book; or

    •      Certification from the bank that the OFW has availed of the ADA;or

    •      Bank Statement reflecting PHIC payment

  4. OFWs who are SSS/GSIS pensioners shall submit the following documents:

    •      Retired employee shall be required to present a Certification from the PHIC regarding his Medicare coverage.  Military personnel who avail of the early retirement below 56 years old shall be exempted only if they paid 120 months in Medicare premium payments.

  5. OFWs recruited by Service Contractor

    This shall cover OFWs who are deployed for overseas work by a Filipino company.  Since the service contractor is regularly remitting Medicare premium contribution to PHIC, the current mode of payment shall be maintained.
Upon application for exemption, the service contractor shall be required to submit the following documents:
  1. POEA License
  2. Letter of Intent to pay PHIC the Medicare premium of the deployed OFWs on site
  3. Philippine Health Remittance Form #3 (RF-1) Quarterly Remittance Report
  4. Philippine Health Bank Receipt (PBR)
Application for annual Medicare exemption for service contractor shall be made on the 2nd quarter of the current year.  Upon receipt of the documents, a List of the OFWs processed and employed by the service contractor for the previous year shall be requested from the POEA.  This document shall be counter checked with the RF-1.  An evaluation Report shall be prepared by the staff and noted by the Chief of the Registration and Management Information System Division.  This report shall be endorsed to the Program Manager of the Medicare Program Management Office which shall serve as basis for granting the exemption from payment of the contribution.  The annual Exemption Certificate shall be effective from the 2nd quarter of the current year to the 2nd quarter of the following year.

Should the evaluator arrive at a negative finding, the following action shall be taken against the service contractor:
  • Non-issuance of the Medicare Exemption;
  • Immediate payment of Medicare premium for OFW who were deployed without the Medicare coverage under the OWWA Medicare Program; and
  • Referral of the case for action by the appropriate authorities.
This Memorandum of Instructions takes effect immediately.

Adopted: 02 Jan. 2001

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