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(NAR) VOL. 12 NO. 1 / JANUARY - MARCH 2001

[ PPA MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 05-2001, January 16, 2001 ]


To further rationalize the implementation of the pay parking scheme at North Harbor, the following amendments are issued:
  1. All cargo trucks/haulers are exempted from the payment of entrance fee.  Those not in possession of a valid Permit to Operate and annual sticker shall be required to secure a one-day temporary vehicle pass from the Port Police and pay the corresponding fee of FIVE PESOS (P5.00),

  2. The former garbage transfer station located at Slip 0 is likewise designated as truckholding area aside from the portion of Pier 16 (Slip 17) designated as such under Sec. 8 2 (c) of PPA Memorandum Circular No. 07-2000.

  3. Cargo trucks/haulers, whether loaded or empty, which are ready to be serviced inside the piers as evidenced by appropriate shipping documents may park at the queueing area which is described under PPA Memorandum Circular No. 48-2000 at the eastern side of Marcos Road.  The Port Police shall monitor the trucks queued along the eastern side of Marcos Road.  If the eastern portion of Marcos Road can no longer accommodate the cargo/trucks haulers intending to queue thereat, the Port Police shall direct them to proceed to Collector Road.

  4. Cargo trucks/haulers which are parked at the queueing area or at the Collector Road are given a "free use" of the same for six (6) hours.  Those that have parked beyond the "free use" period shall be charged the corresponding parking fee as follows"

    Seventh Hour
    P30.00 per entry
    Succeeding Hour(s)
    P20.00 per hour

  5. Cargo trucks which are parked at the truckholding areas shall pay the corresponding parking fee as follows;

    First Six (6) Hours P10.00 per entry
    Seventh Hour P30.00
    Succeeding Hour(s) P20.00 per hour

  6. The responsibility of determining whether a vehicle is illegally parked or abandoned shall rest with the Port Police.  A tow truck can tow a vehicle only if it is supervised by a Port Police.

  7. Complaints regarding the implementation of PPA Memorandum Circular Nos 07-2000, 48-2000 and this Order shall be brought to the attention of the Port Manager of PMO- North Harbor for resolution.

  8. The parking management contractor shall be responsible for the information and dissemination to all port users of the guidelines on the management and operation of the parking areas at North Harbor.

  9. Guidelines on the management and operation of the parking areas at North Harbor shall be assessed within one month from its implementation.

  10. All other provisions of PPA Memorandum Circular Nos 07-2000 and 48-2000 inconsis­tent herewith are hereby repealed or amended accordingly.
This Order takes effect immediately.

Adopted: 16 Jan 2001

General Manager
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