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(NAR) VOL. 18 NO. 1/JANUARY - MARCH 2007

[ LTFRB MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NUMBER 2006 - 073, December 29, 2006 ]


In order to bring about fast and efficient delivery of services and immediate compliance by public utility vehicle operators to the Board’s requirements, the Board hereby adopts the following procedures:

  1. In cases of wrong address indicated in the approved decision and franchise verification report, transfer or change of address by the operator, or the Certificate of Public Convenience has already been sold to another but the same is not applied to this Board, the operator is required to file the necessary Manifestation or Petition for the aforesaid purposes.

  2. In case of failure on the part of the operator to inform the Board of any transfer of residence or change of business address, and as a result of which, documents and other processes of the Board are not delivered to the operator, the same shall be construed as misrepresentation on the part of the operator and shall be regarded as an aggravating circumstance in deciding matters/issues involving the franchise of the operator.

The penalty of Php3,000.00 prescribed under Memorandum Circulars Nos. 2003-031 dated 19 November 2003 (Re: Information Data to be submitted by Operators and Applicants) and 2005-016 dated 27 June 2005 (Re: Penalty for Wrong Address for Purposes of Release of Fare Matrices) shall not anymore be charged and/or collected.

This Memorandum Circular supersedes any and all issuances inconsistent herewith particularly MC Nos. 2001-006, 2003-031, 2005-016 and 2006-056, and shall be effective fifteen (15) days after its publication in a newspaper of general circulation or in the Official Gazette.

Adopted: 29 Dec. 2006

Board Member
Board Member
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