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(NAR) VOL. 12 NO. 1 / JANUARY - MARCH 2001

[ SRA CIRCULAR LETTER NO. 15, S. 2000-2001, January 30, 2001 ]


Pursuant to Sugar Order No. 4, series of 2000-2001 re PHYSICAL INVENTORY OF SUGAR AT WAREHOUSES OF THE NATIONAL FOOD AUTHORITY (NFA). is hereby ordered to be conducted on February 15 to 26, 2001 (schedule of inventory hereto attached) and in accordance with the following:

1.         An Inventory Team (IT) is hereby created and shall be composed of the authorized representative of NFA & authorized SRA representative as team leader

The SRA representative as team leader shall see to it that each party mentioned herein is properly represented during the duration of the inventory.

2.         The ULTRAPHIL MARINE & CARGO SURVEY CORP., whose services have been hired and shall be paid by the Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA), shall conduct the physical sugar stock inventory, in the presence of the aforementioned IT

The SRA on the other hand shall bill the NATIONAL FOOD AUTHORITY (NFA) the cost of said surveying services.

The IT as witness, shall issue the attached certification form certifying that a physical sugar stock inventory was conducted by ULTRAPHIL MARINE AND CARGO SURVEY CORPORATION, in their presence at a particular NFA warehouse on the date of inventory specified in the attached schedule.

3. There shall be no withdrawal of raw and/or refined sugar in all NFA warehouses during the entire duration of the stock inventory.

4. The results of the physical sugar stock inventory shall be reflected in the SRA form and duly certified by ULTRAPHIL MARINE" AND CARGO SURVEY CORP., and the concerned IT members, said form to be submitted to the SRA, Quezon City immediately after the conduct of the said inventory.

Adopted: 30 January 2001

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