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(NAR) VOL. 9 NO. 3 / JULY - SEPTEMBER 1998

[ BOC MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 26-98, August 10, 1998 ]


I.          Objective

To simplify and harmonize the functions of the BOC Appeals Committee II and make them consistent with the provisions of Department Order No. 47-98 as implemented by CAO No. 3-98 dated 02 July 1998.

II.         Organization

The BOC-SGS Appeals Committee II created under CMO No. 20-98A which is headed by Deputy Commissioner for Administration shall have the following membership:

1.    Director, Legal Service or his representative
2.    Deputy Collector for Assessment, POM or his representative
3.    Deputy Collector for Assessment, MICP or his representative
4.    Deputy Collector for Assessment, NAIA or his representative
5.    Representative of the PCCI
6.    Representative of the SGS
7.    Representative of the Tariff Commission
8.    Representative of the Bureau of Import Services, DTI

III.        Jurisdiction

The Committee shall have jurisdiction over all questions/disputes arising from SGS classification as reported on the SGS-CRF.

IV.       Powers and Duties

The Committee shall exercise the following powers and duties:

1.    To meet regularly at least twice a week to study, evaluate and deliberate all complaints against findings/reports of the SGS on classification as reflected in the Clean Report Findings (CRF).
2.    To summon parties for clarificatory questions as the need arises.
3.    To resolve all complaints/questions on classification for the Commissioner of Customs and to transmit the resolution to the District Collector's concerned for implementation.

V.        Repealing Clause

This Order supersedes CMO No. 20-98A.

VI.       Effectivity

This Order shall take effect immediately.

Adopted: 10 Aug. 1998


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